The Sunday Paper #413

May 15, 2022

I had a lovely conversation with Gill Wilson on Paper Talk, who has been working in handmade paper for the past 30 years. Her work has a deep relationship with nature and plants, the tones changing across the seasons. She abandoned sheet forming to work freely with pulp using it to draw with. Her pieces are built in layers, soft drawings that describe her preoccupation with contemporary space that can be changed with light and subtlety. The malleability of the material offers exciting possibilities. 


I met Travis Nolan when he was about 15 years old at a papermaking/origami event with Paper For Water in Dallas. Travis is now studying  biology and geology (with a goal of becoming a paleontologist) at Southern Methodist University. This is an inspiring story about his journey with origami that started at age 7.


This is a great start to this profile about Lobulo: “There’s no easily definable category in which to place Lobulo. His primary medium is paper but that’s where the simplicity ends. Looking at his entrancing animated and still-life creations, you’re never quite sure where the analogue handmade ends and the digital trickery begins.” I can think of two other designers in this category, which seems to be on the rise. Paper + technology = some pretty amazing innovations!


Check out the work of  Zhuang Hong Yi, whose “paintings” are composed of relief-like folds of paper painted in kaleidoscopic colors; the hypnotic works seem to change their hues as the viewer shifts their perspective. An exhibition of the artist’s iconic flower fields, is now on view at Martina Kaiser Gallery in Cologne.

Zhuang Hong Yi, ZHY-B02228 (2022). Courtesy of Galerie Martina Kaiser.


What the heck is a hexakaidecagon? Learn how to make one!


Paper Tidbits:

  • Join me on Youtube or Facebook Live this Thursday when I chat with Stacie Ledden from Anythink Libraries about my installation, Step Into The Light. This event will be held online on Thursday, May 19, 12-1 pm MST (Denver). Find out how to join us here.
  • I’m so excited that several paper enthusiasts I’ve met online and in person are coming to Italy with me this fall. At this retreat, you will explore the potential of paper as a basic material and a medium for creative pursuits with four internationally-known instructors, Helen Hiebert (owner of Helen Hiebert Studio), Amanda Degener (co-founder of Cave Paper), Carol Barton (paper engineer and owner of Popular Kinetics Press), and Denise Carbone (University of the Arts, Philadelphia). More info here.


Out of the Studio:

I’m in Denver, doing a residency at Anythink Wright Farms, a library system with a focus on innovation. Anythink’s award-winning approach to library service is recognized by industry leaders and organizations across the globe. I’m so honored to be here again (in 2014, I installed a permanent installation, called The Wish, at another branch called Anythink Huron Street).

Creating something like this takes a village. I’ve had the vision to create a giant paper lantern for quite awhile. My friend and colleague, Brian Queen, helped me with the many renderings, the design and engineering, and he cut the parts and pieces for the armature on a CNC. This is four times larger than any lantern I’ve ever constructed, so there are some unknowns, but so far so good!

I’m super grateful to the library staff and volunteers, whom I could not do this without. We plan to hang the lantern in its final space on Friday, May 20th, so I should have images to share with you next week! The entire armature, except for the round rings of reed, will be gone.


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