Animated Movable Books

Animated Movable Books

It is so much fun to turn the pages of a pop-up book and watch it come to life. Sometimes it isn’t possible to interact with books that are on display or are too old to handle, and you are left to imagine how they move. Animating pop-up books is a great way to show how they work!

Larry Seidman is a pop-up and movable book collector who has animating his collection through video. Check out these movable Biedermeier cards from the 1820’s that are in his collection.

Seidman collects pop-ups and movable books, and I was fortunate to meet him and attend an informal lecture he gave at the 2012 meeting of The Movable Book Society in Salt Lake City.

The following two videos feature many of the works in his collection. Take a peek, you’re in for a treat!

Miniature Movable Books, Part I

 Miniature Movable Books, Part II

Last but not least, there are more animations on his tumblr site.

And here’s a short animation of one of the pop-ups in my new book (copies will be available for pre-order soon). Learn how to make this pop-up rib cage designed by Yoojin Kim in Playing With Pop-Ups! Special thanks to Sunny Ferrington for assistance in creating this video.

 If you have seen other animated pop-ups, I would love to hear about them!

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  1. Pat Schwab says:

    That was really cool. My son made a pop up book for a Reading Rainbow contest when he was in grade school and he won. He used a book on how to make pop ups from the library to help figure out the mechanics.

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