Alternatives for Envelopes

Alternatives for Envelopes

The Sunday Paper #81

Paper of the Week: Envelope Paper


I love developing new uses for common products. Envelopes are attractive because they are like pockets. I’ve developed two projects (featured in my book Playing With Paper) – the Mini Photo Album and the Envelope Folding Screen. Each one requires cutting “windows” through the envelopes so that you can see photographs or decorative papers that are inserted into the pockets. If you use a translucent insert, illumination can be part of the equation.  



Sponsor of the Week: LAKE OSWEGO FESTIVAL OF THE ARTS – Celebrating 53 Years

Calling All Paper Artists! You are invited to apply to the Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts in Lake Oswego, Oregon (20 minutes south of Portland)

Open Show1

Apply online: DEADLINE: January 31, 2016

The theme for this year’s juried Special Exhibit is Chasing Paper. The Exhibit is open to handmade paper and paper arts to include sculptural designs, papier-mache’, folding, curling and laser cutting, excavated books, quilling and other forms of manipulated paper. The Exhibit seeks to explore the unconventional use of this commonplace material in producing extraordinary arts through its manipulation. A $35 non-refundable entry fee covers up to 3 three works. Show Dates: June 24, 25 & 26, 2016. Oh, and I’m one of the jurors.


In the Studio: 

I previewed this project last week, and now it’s live! Join me in the 25 Days of Paper by purchasing the paper pack. $25 gets you 12 hand picked papers cut to roughly the size you’ll need to make each of the projects below. In addition, I’ll be posting short videos and/or diagrams describing how to make each project, and much, much more! We’ll start making on December 2nd. I hope you’ll join the fun (and special thanks to those of you who have already placed your order)!

25 Days

Have you seen these paper bowls? This is a lovely project that took place in Jordan and was developed based on the skills and the potential of the women involved in the project and the location. Jennifer Hier and Eva Schlechte guided these women in using traditional paper craft techniques to reshape and create a new product.

paper bowls

There are perks to reading the real thing! If you subscribe to the print version of the New York Times, you probably received Google Cardboard last Sunday. What did you think?


There is a Kafka event going on at the Rose Hotel in Bangkok. Yoko Seyama has created this origami art and scenography. Unfolding Kafka’s metamorphosis poses the question of how choreography, physical movement, origami installation and visual art interact.


I love it when students are inspired by my work. Isaac Fosl-van Wyke, a student of Melissa Potter’s at Columbia College Chicago, made this short paper animation after watching my film Water Paper Time.

Fractured/Works on Paper looks like an interesting paper show at the Helen Day Art Center in Stowe, Vermont through November 22nd. Read the review.


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  1. Helen, I saw your collaborative book with Beatrice Coron at the Palace of the Governor’s yesterday when Tom Leech gave a rare book talk. My July 16, 1946, book on the atomic bomb is in the same collection.
    The CARDBOARD VIEW MASTER came in my NYTs and I kept the piece as an icon of the times, but I don’t use cell phones so of no use to me! It is well made, but I wonder, if tossed in a window, or near sun, the lenses can actually set it on fire! Wild times of marketing!