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The Sunday Paper #286
November 17, 2019

Paper of the Week: Kraft Tex

I am in love with kraft tex, which is similar to leather but it’s paper! It comes in a variety of fun natural and bright colors and is easy to cut and sew. This is the July project in The Paper Year. Are you following Elissa Campbell of Blue Roof Designs? She’s making all of the projects this month, and she’s about half way through. That’s her journal on the right with The Paper Year. Here’s part of what she had to say about this project: “July’s project is the “Paper Leather Book Cover”. The cover is reusable in that you can take out the pages when the book is full and then sew in new blank pages. The cover is super tough. Take this journal on your summer vacation – it can handle the abuse”. Oh, and that penguin paperclip is made of paper – too cute!
You’ll get a sheet of kraft tex (in a natural color) and one of those cute paper clips in the custom paper pack that’s available with The Paper Year.


Out of the Studio:

I had such fun with the teachers who took my workshops at the Louisiana Art Education Association conference last weekend. Their hand shadow puppets were so varied, and we had fun with the shadows.


Papery Tidbits:

  • Weave Through Winter is coming back! This online class is also a daily practice, designed to help you kick the year off and get your creative wheels spinning. Read more and sign the ‘first to find out more’ list. If you took it last year, there will be some new features. Details coming in early December, but mark your calendars: class begins January 16th!
  • Check out the The Papermaker’s Package and The Paper Lover’s Package in my online shop:


Janna Willoughby-Lohr is my recent guest on Paper Talk. Janna runs Papercraft Miracles, an eco-friendly handmade paper company in Buffalo, New York. We chat about how life can throw you a curveball, and you can choose how to react. This quote, from Janna’s instagram, will give you an inkling about how she reacts: “This is your Sunday evening reminder that you can handle whatever this week throws at you”. We talk about Janna’s handmade paper stationery products, that include custom wedding invitations, seed bombs, paper flowers and planning tools; and how she is shaping her business – she’s the recipient of the Prestigious Ignite Buffalo Grant and was recently recognized as one of Stationery Trends Magazine’s “40 Under 40” for Stationery & Gifts.

Thanks to Ann Martin of All Things Paper for posting this! Check out these amazing cardboard sculptures created by Monomi Ohno, an art student in Japan. What a clever way to save money on art supplies – she upcycles cardboard boxes from Amazon (I can only imagine what an Amazon warehouse must look like)!

I love this story about rejection letters, and how they can push you forward. As one coach said to me, “No doesn’t mean give up, it means find another way”. Caitlin Kirby wore this one-of-a-kind, handmade skirt — made out of 17 rejection letters that she had received over the last five years – to her dissertation defense to make the point that there were a lot of roadblocks along the way.

I’m looking forward to visiting MoMath (the National Museum of Mathematics) the next time I’m in NYC. Math Unfolded: An Exhibit of Mathematical Origami Art is currently on view to show math buffs and art fans alike how geometry, algorithms and math formulas can create exciting works of art through the science of origami.

Math Unfolded: An Exhibit of Mathematical Origami Art is like a cerebral vertex where art intersects with math. Left: Robert Lang’s Cyclomatus Metallifer, Opus 562, (2010), is a large insect crawling over rocks. Right: Linen Swirls (2015) by son and father team Erik Demaine and Martin Demaine. PHOTOS: NYTIMES

In Loving Memory: A bright light went out this week in the book arts community. Bill Stewart of Vamp & Tramp Booksellers, which he ran with his wife Vicky, passed away on Monday. As many of you know, Vamp & Tramp travels the country, showing and selling artist’s books. They represent me and hundreds of other artists, and they make an impact by showing contemporary book work to university students, while placing artist’s books in special collections. Rest in peace, Bill.


Featured this week in my Studio shop:
The Paper Lover’s Package, the Architectural Lantern, one of 12 projects in the 2020 Paper Year, The Paper Year, and The Papermaker’s Studio Guide DVD.
The Paper Year


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