A Paper Limerick

A Paper Limerick

The Sunday Paper #101

Thanks to everyone who entered the giveaway in celebration of the 100th issue of The Sunday Paper! Congratulations to Louise Levergneux, the grand prize winner (click on her name to view her latest artist’s book) as well as the five lucky door prize winners: Linda McCausland, Anne Dunlevie, Bonnie Halfpenny, CE Boehme and Georgie Cunningham (I wasn’t too good at requesting your contact info, so if you see your name here and haven’t heard from me, please send me your e-mail address)! 

Your comments were wonderful, and I especially enjoyed this limerick by Chuck Crockford:

I found out from my fav, ‘Sunday Paper’, 

Making sheets is a fun kind of caper. 

Most things under the sun, 

Even elephant dung, 

Can be used to make wonderful paper!


Paper of the WeekWoodgrain – Fruitwood


Here’s what I made with the Yuzen Umbrella paper that I wrote about last week. I paired it with another GPC Paper called Woodgrain – Fruitwood. This is like a thin wood veneer and is subtly “etched” with a detailed woodgrain pattern. Its text weight of 110 g/m2 makes it a versatile choice for book covers, product packaging, home decor projects and a multitude of paper crafts. It is also laser printable for use in event announcements, menus, invitations and more (it comes in white too). I’ve developed a tutorial for making the paper weaving you see above. Check it out here.


Check out these gorgeous paper pieces by Mere Phantoms of Montreal. Their work combines shadow theatre and paper cutting. Exhibition goers are often equipped with hand-held LED light wands as they move among the vignettes, casting the artworks in light and dark on the walls. These must be magical to experience (their photography is great, too).


Did you catch this cute video about Quilted Northern Rustic Weave that launched on April Fool’s Day, wink wink?

OrigamiHouse Colonia is a paper folding museum that will open in Uruguay next fall.The museum has received hundreds of models from international artists, and many others are expected to arrive after the closing of Folding Paper: the Infinite Possibilities of Origami, an exhibition that toured the United States for four years (it is currently in Colorado and is truly an amazing show – worth visiting anywhere in the world). OrigamiHouse Colonia has launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds to help them put the finishing touches on the museum. Every donation is welcome and there are rewards! To donate, click here.

Origami Rabbits by Ron Koh (Singapore)

Origami Rabbits by Ron Koh (Singapore)

These drawings on ledger paper recently caught my eye. They are in a new exhibit at the National Museum of the American Indian, Unbound: Narrative Art of the PlainsThe exhibit, curated by Emil Her Many Horses [Oglala Lakota], introduces the origins of narrative art with historic pieces dating to the early 19th century, created by various plains figures and artists, including Long Soldier [Lakota/Nakota], Mountain Chief [Blackfeet], Black Chicken [Yanktonai], and Chief Washakie [Shoshone].


This is an interesting article about a counterfeiting operation in Peru. 


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