6: Paper Stars!

6: Paper Stars!

Need a star for the top of your tree? I had fun putting together this collection. Many of them include DIY tutorials (click on the maker names below the images).


I have a project in Playing With Paper on making Waldorf-style window stars, like those featured in the top right corner of the cover of the book:

Playing With Paper, by Helen Hiebert

Oh, and look, someone else beat me to this idea (The Paper Place in Toronto carries a huge selection of Japanese papers). Here’s their roundup of paper star tutorials.  We’ve got a couple of duplicates, but there are some unique things there, too!
Do you have a favorite paper star? Please share by e-mailing or leaving me a comment below.
About the 25 Days of Paper: In celebration fo the publication of my new book, Playing With Paper (in stores January 1, 2013) I’m going to be a crazy blogger in December, featuring cool paper products, projects, blogs, books, or papers each day. Join in the fun by reading along! I’ll also post links on my FaceBook page. Enjoy the season!


  1. Claude Aimée says:

    What a beautiful selection of paper stars, Helen. I want to try them all!

  2. Claudia says:

    Your website and activities are perfect for our blizzard today!

  3. Linda K. Fendley says:

    My favorite are the Scandinavia Stars because my Grandmother brought us some from Denmark many years ago. I have several and they are over 70 years old now. Everiy year we take them out of the box I think of her. I will work harder at learning to make these tricky stars. They are like the Froebel’s Star show above in your blog but they are not waxed. Thanks for the “starry ideas”.