25 Days of Paper!

25 Days of Paper!

I’m going to try something new in order to jump-start my blog activity in anticipation of my book, Playing With Paper, which will be in stores January 1st! (If you really want an autographed copy before Christmas, you can order one here (please place your order by November 29th).

Each day I will blog about a paper product, how-to project, paper artist, book or blog about paper. I welcome your ideas and suggestions.
Here’s a sneak peak of LeafPDX, a small business in Portland, Oregon where owners Joe Freedman and Ilisha Helfman create amazing paper products like  Emily’s Dollhouse.

Emily’s Dollhouse, by LeafPDX

Everything is laser cut and designed to collapse flat for easy storage,

complete with front and back gardens,

Emily’s Dollhouse, garden

and 33 pieces of furniture including this sewing room!

Emily’s Dollhouse, Sewing Machine

LeafPDX also specializes in greeting cards, like their new Vine Card

featuring clever paper engineering,


Vine Card

and great packaging too!

Vine Card packaging

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  1. kelly says:

    Ilisha and Joe’s work is amazing. I have had the good fortune to work with them several times over the past couple of years.

  2. Judy says:

    WOW! This is going to be fun. Look forward to all your posts.