15: Rolled, Crimped, Scrunched & Wrapped

15: Rolled, Crimped, Scrunched & Wrapped

The gallery section of Playing With Paper features 18 artists who work in paper. Following are short profiles and images of four artists who manipulate paper in their own unusual ways.
Valerie Buess lives in Germany and is inspired by the uselessness of waste paper: newspaper, phone directories, magazines, train schedules, etc. She rolls pieces of paper into various forms and makes incredible sculptures by assembling hundreds (if not thousands) of them.

paper sculpture by Valerie Buess

Vincent Floderer (aka the crimper) lives in France where he performs research with his crimp team based on paper crumpling techniques that are inspired by the observation of nature’s folds, creases and associated dynamic processes.

Crumpled SIA, by Vincent Floderer

Frou-Frou- by Vincent Floderer

Microcosme, by Vincent Floderer

Jocelyn Chateauvert lives in South Carolina where she makes her own paper and scrunches it: after pressing the wet sheets, she uses her hands to crease, fold and pinch, integrating structure with design. The paper responds, then shrinks as it dries. She creates jewelry, lighting, sculptures and installations  (I wore a pair of her earrings and a necklace at my wedding in 1996).

Lily Clouds, by Jocelyn Chateauvert

Eve, Clothes Optional, by Jocelyn Chateauvert

Lam Quang and Kestrel Gates of HiiH Gallery live in Oregon and make paper light sculptures. They make the paper, bend wire forms, wrap wet pressed sheets around these forms and then paint and wax them. I made their pulp when I lived in Portland and now they now own my old beater.

Here is a lovely video about their process:

HiiH Lights from Cineastas on Vimeo.
What unusual paper manipulations have you tried or seen? Please share them with me by emailing or leaving me a comment below.
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  1. Linda K. Fendley says:

    Lam Quang and Kestrel Gates paper lights are beautiful!

  2. Dagmar says:

    Here three other artist working mainly with paper who I really like:
    Simon Schubert (http://www.simonschubert.de/papierarbeiten.html) and
    Odine Lang (http://www.odinelang.de/) – both living in Germany – and Julie Friedmann