1000 Paper Doves

1000 Paper Doves

"Neighbors" is among the small gouache paintings Gail Siptak has made during the pandemic. The works are available through Koelsch Haus Gallery. Photo: Courtesy of the artist / Courtesy of the artist

The Sunday Paper #346

January 10, 2021

Paper of the Week: A Handmade Collection

Oh look! It’s Paper of the Week instead of Papermaker of the Week. I’m going to occasionally offer sheets of handmade paper for sale here. But hey papermakers! I’d love to feature you in this column one day soon. All you have to do is fill out this form.

I have a limited number of these sets four handmade papers. All sheets are approx. 12″ x 18″. Each set contains:
  • a grey sheet of cotton, cover weight (for a drawing with white pencil, perhaps?)
  • a wispy thin sheet of abaca, with a bit of abaca fleck (translucent!)
  • a striped watermark in white cotton (so unusual when held up to the light)
  • a double sided pulp stenciled sheet; some sets are solid green on the back; others solid blue; all papers have the same designs stenciled on them (in paper pulp), as you see above.

In the Studio: The Paper Year Begins! 

© Elaine Chu, Above; watercolor streaks on vellum, Below: Batik commercial paper.

We had a really fun creating these lanterns at the Paper Year Kickoff Event last Sunday. Several participants have posted their lanterns on instagram, and this one was created by Elaine Chu. We’ll be doing projects like this all year long in The Paper Year, and registration ends tonight at midnight MST. Elaine took an online class with me last summer and is All In for The Paper Year. She even invited four of her friends from a postcard collage group to sign up, and they did! I hope you’ll join us too!


Papery Tidbits:


A couple of weeks ago, I posted about an installation of origami angels (the Wing And A Prayer installation, at Ripon Cathedral in the UK. And then a reader sent me a link to this installation of origami doves by Michael Pendry at The Washington National Cathedral. Click through to watch them in motion. What a poignant message this installation gives us this week: PEACE.

Myriam Dion is taking newsprint as a medium to the next level, and then some! She allows herself to be guided by the images and topics present in the newspapers she finds—both their political content and photographic quality—which then leaves her with an idea of what the piece will be like as a whole.

© Myriam Dion, as seen on My Modern Met

I’ve been seeing more and more Korean hanji around lately. So cool! Check out this Q&A interview with Minjun Kim in Whitehot Magazine.

Installation view Minjung Kim ©Hill Art Foundation. Photo by Matthew Herrmann.

I was so happy to discover these gouache works on handmade paper by Houston artist Gail Siptak. She purchases handmade paper from all over the US and England, and she “paints not so much what is happening but how it affects people.” She is prolific and this one in a series of her pandemic paintings.

“Neighbors” is among the small gouache paintings Gail Siptak has made during the pandemic. The works are available through Koelsch Haus Gallery. Photo: Courtesy of the artist / Courtesy of the artist

I saw this video trailer for a film about the collage work of Lance Letscher over on the All Things Paper Blog a couple of weeks ago. Wowza! I hope to watch the movie one day.


Featured this week in my Studio shop:

All About The Paper Year 2021 Subscription Club, A Handmade Collection, The Papermaker’s Companion, Prism, an artist’s book


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  1. Josette M Lee says:

    I recently signed up for your blog. I’m an active artist yet I dont want to buy or sell anything. I’m not happy with the commercialism of this blog.

    • Helen Hiebert says:

      I’m sorry to hear this… artist to artist, i’m sorry you feel that way. I make a living as an artist, so I do occasionally offer items for sale on the blog, but mostly I featuring what other artists are doing with paper. My goal is to share the amazing things that are being done with paper today.