1: A Christmas Giveaway!

1: A Christmas Giveaway!

Merry Christmas one and all! Regardless of your holiday tradition or religious persuasion, I am happy to be connected to you through our shared love of paper! Thanks to all of you who have sent loving notes about this blog. I really appreciate the encouragement!
I’m initiating a giveaway today, but you have until midnight on December 31st to join in the fun! One lucky blog reader will win:
– a copy of Playing With Paper
– an assortment of papers used to create the projects in the book
– a selection of my own handmade sheets.
Here is how to play:
1. Leave your answer in the comments below to the question: where do you shop for paper? (I’m hoping to assemble a list of paper stores around the country, so feel free to list a few).
2. Share your favorite paper store on my Facebook page (remember in order for my Facebook updates to show in your newsfeed, you need to hover over the “LIKED” button on our page and select “Show in News Feed”).
3. Subscribe to this Blog in the upper right-hand corner.
4. Join my mailing list to receive updates about where I’m traveling and teaching, paper-related events around the country, and more.
Enter by Midnight MST Monday, December 31st. Open to U.S. and Canadian residents only.
I will randomly pick a winner on Tuesday, January 1, 2013, so check your email!
This is the last day of the 25 Days of Paper (for this year, at least): I’ve been a crazy blogger in December, featuring cool paper products, projects, blogs, books, or papers each day. I’ve also posted links on my FaceBook page. From now on, I’ll keep blogging weekly (instead of daily), so stay tuned!
Wishing each and every one of you a lovely day!


  1. Pat Upton says:

    Merry Christmas, Helen! I have gotten lovely handmade and/or patterned colored paper at Jerry’s Artarama. But I have gotten blank text weight paper at the office supply stores.

  2. Linda K. Fendley says:

    Merry Christmas Helen! I just received the best gift of all. Our first Grandchild, Felicity Ann, was born at 6:15 this morning. I have a homemade journal I am writing in for her. The homemade journal was made by Cindy Leader who has a page on Facebook and Etsy. She marbles her own paper and does painting on some journals and quality stitching. I will have to post a picture of the journal I am using for my new Granddaughter. They live in Fargo, ND and it has a snowsceen on the front. Just thought I would share this as a way to use homemade journals.

  3. Carol Creech says:

    Merry Christmas! My favorite paper store here in Ann Arbor, MI is Hollander’s. Love going in there! I have been using paper there to cover small, handmade journals.
    I already follow your blog and will pop over to Facebook to enter my favorite store there.

  4. Patty Dorion says:

    Merry Christmas Helen!! This sounds like a great give away. I usually buy my decorative paper at Jerry’s Artarama and also at The Paper Source in Boston. When I shop for paper I feel like I’m a kid picking out candy, I don’t know which ones to pick!!!
    I am a budding book artist and book binder. Either way, I do love different kinds of paper.

  5. L Wallendorf says:

    Favorite Paper stores
    Online/Mail order:
    Rochester, NY: http://www.fineartpaperstore.com
    Santa Monica, CA(Japanese paper): store.hiromipaper.com
    NY,NY: http://www.nycentralartsupply.com/home.html
    Local, in person:
    Annapolis, MD: http://www.artthingsinc.com

  6. Nina Ardery says:

    Dolphin Papers in Franklin, Indiana is great in person or online.
    I have much enjoyed your holiday blog.
    Merry Christmas!

  7. In Houston I buy Japanese and Italian papers at Paper Source. I buy Arches paper at Art Supply on Main and also buy Rice Paper at Texas Art Supply.

  8. Doris says:

    In San Francisco, I like to go to Flax.

    • Claudia says:

      Flax used to sell beautiful papers online. I still have some of those papers. Those were the days!

  9. happy Holidays! love your December blog, Helen…so much great info!! My fave paperseller is Hiromi Paper right near my house..lucky me!

  10. I try to make most of my paper, but my favorite paper places to buy are Flax, Miki’s Paper in Berkeley, Hiromi, Awagami Paper, and the Japanese Paper Place.
    Happy Holidays!

  11. viviane says:

    I shop for paper at SCRAP in San Francisco. Asian Markets in SF and NYC. I collect found papers from peeling-off posters in Berlin, Germany: where I am now. I look for geological maps, They are large and colorful and their folds can be formatted into hand bound books. Russian and Asian newspapers are also a resource. Most of these cost little to nothing with amazing results. vintage books and postcards are my favorite. Also the free advert post cards in Europe. Great graphics which convert into tags and collages

    • Gini Cooper says:

      I would love to know where you get the Asian and Russian newspapers. Do you just order them delivered, and if so from where, or is it a local source. I am in a very rural area so limited resources. Thanks.

  12. Judy says:

    Since I’m in a VERY rural area the only place I can find paper in person is at the university bookstores – limited selection but I’ve found some nice stuff. My best deal was when my son was stationed in Korea and his wife would go to the artist quarter in Seoul and get me paper – BEAUTIFUL! By mail I favor Hollanders.

  13. Gay Weake says:

    Merry Christmas! My go-to place for paper is http://www.paperarts.com. “C” Gray is helpful when I need suggestions and her selection is huge. There are no good stores I’ve found where we live in rural Idaho and the Palm Springs area, so on-line shopping is my best alternative.
    Gay Weake

  14. sheila benedis says:

    I like NYCentral, NYC
    Paper source, eastchester, ny
    I’m enjoying your blog.

  15. Thanks everyone for the start of a great list of places to purchase paper!

  16. Becky Luening says:

    Merry Christmas Helen & everyone! I have found Hollander’s to be a great online source for paper. Here in Portland, Oregon, Columbia Arts on East Burnside carries a wide variety of decorative papers. Favorite places to shop for paper in other cities include McManus & Morgan in Los Angeles and All Under Heaven in Arcata, a cultural gift store that carries a nice variety of Lokta papers.

  17. a. kraus says:

    Hello, I enjoyed and appreciated your lengthy paper posts very much! We love to shop or just look at paper at Artists & Craftsmen in Portland, ME. Also like to use any scraps I can collect to collage or sew into unique papers… Thanks!

  18. i shop here: the morgan conservatory, cave paper, katie mcgregor, papeterie st. armand, the japanese paper place, dan smith and here to home (as they say in the north country) wake robin, my studio!

  19. Amy says:

    I will echo Elena and Michelle and say I love shopping at Hiromi. I don’t dare go without saving up a bit because I love it too much!

  20. Gini Cooper says:

    The closest art store is MishMish in Blacksburg VA and it’s a great store! I also get paper at Michaels. Great idea to compile a list of paper stores.

  21. Donna says:

    Thank you so much for your lovely papery countdown to Christmas! I live in London (England), where you can buy beautiful paper from Falkiner Fine Papers (http://store.falkiners.com/store/) and the artists’ cooperative, Atlantis (http://www.atlantisart.co.uk/).

  22. Cynthia says:

    I order paper from Dick Blick and Hobby Lobby.

  23. I buy paper wherever I come across something interesting when I’m traveling. For calligraphy papers I buy watercolor paper, Canson Mi Teintes and other papers from Daniel Smith in Seattle, John Neal, Bookseller, in North Carolina, and Paper & Ink Arts in Nashville, TN. I also sometimes patronize my local college bookstores, but they are always more expensive and have limited selections.

  24. Raye Mayo says:

    When I see a beautiful piece of paper, I cannot resist it, but I live in a remote area, and make my own paper more often. When ordering from a catalog, I consult Daniel Smith most often.

  25. earthpuppy says:

    When in Atlanta, I like Sam Flax. I have not found a resource for unique handmade paper as yet in Tampa Bay.

  26. Francisca says:

    I normally go to Paper Source here in Southern California…

  27. Linda K. Fendley says:

    Thank you for sharing all these lovely art ideas to enrich our December. Have a wonderful New Year!

  28. Linda K. Fendley says:

    I love to go into Ten Thousand Villages to see their handmade papers. There are usually just a few new ones at a time, but they are delightful. They are usually designs on rice paper. Love that!

  29. Cris Ballinger says:

    Thank you for your wonderful blog, and since I recieved your wonderful book for Christmas, please just consider these additional resources. Lenz Arts in Santa Cruz, CA, Racines in Fort Bragg, CA and anytime I am near a Kelly’s Paper Company, I check out their sale shelf.

  30. Mary C. Leto says:

    Happy New Year to all. What fun reading all the comments. I get armloads of different papers at Friends of Dard Hunter Conferences. Its like being a kid in a candy store – Susan Kristoferson paste papers, walnut and indigo dyed flax paper from Cave Papers, Hook Pottery Paper for plant based papers and Helen Heibert flax papers are a few. So many papermakers under one roof -a chance tosample and touch a huge variety. In between I make my own and luckily friends in their travels always bring me home speciality papers.

  31. Margaret Rhein says:

    Since I have been making my own paper for 36 years I have a lot at hand but did recently by some of Asao Shimura’s beautiful papers at the Friends of Dard Hunter’s live auction benefit. Each sheet is more beautiful then the next.

  32. Sarah Coenen says:

    I shop at various craft stores for paper. I’m a bit boring, Hobby Lobby is usually my choice, but in our area I’m very limited. I also have friends who order online who’ve gifted us paper in the past for birthday or other special occasions. This book looks GREAT! We are a military family and are moving to a new base in the New Year. My 8 year old son LOVES to play with paper, his most recent endeavor being Moravian stars. He would love having this book to work with while we’re ‘fitting into’ our new home. Merry Christmas and all the best for 2014!!!!

  33. Joy Davison says:

    I usually get my paper from Dick Blick but now I am off to explore some of these other great resources yay! I would love to win a prize, yes indeedy. I was unclear if you can do just one of the four items above? Thanks and Aloha from Hawaii.