Weave Through Winter 2022

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Weave Through Winter will take place from February 1-28, 2022

This page will be updated in January 2022. The cost of the course will be $200.

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Would you like to jump start your creativity? Crave the inspiration you get from the act of making? Love beautiful papers? Have a desire to connect with others who share these same goals?

Several years ago, I was yearning to create on a regular basis, so I created my own 100 x 100 Paper Weaving Project. This was a challenge to myself, a call to action. I found myself getting sidetracked with bookkeeping, marketing, writing grant proposals… you name it! This project helped me dedicate a small chunk of my day to being in the studio and creating.

I created 100 weavings in 100 days, and I learned so much! I began to see paper in new ways, I learned to make without judging myself (heck, I didn’t have time to judge – I was too busy creating)! I spent an average of one hour on each weaving – and to be honest, some days it was more about the process than the end result. And I soon found myself inventing new ways of weaving.

Join me as we weave our way through winter in 30 days.


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