Washi Arts Giveaway!

Washi Arts Giveaway!

The Sunday Paper #190

January 7, 2018
Paper of the Week: Washi Arts Giveaway!

Start 2018 with a fresh stash of adhesives for your studio from our friends at Washi Arts. This giveaway package includes five different adhesives — from pre-made starch paste in a tube to a half pound of Jin Shofu wheat starch to cook your own archival paste. The Noribake paste brush is a dream to work with. The undyed goat hair is very soft and creates a smooth film of paste on the thinnest paper, and the cypress handle resists rot. Also included are thirty-five letter size sheets of decorative Japanese papers to inspire new projects. The value of this package is $100.00. Click here to enter the Giveaway, and one winner will be selected at random, notified and announced here next week.


In the Studio: I’m using Washi Arts papers for the supply kit for my new online class Paper Weaving, which is now open for registration. I love the fact that an online class brings a diverse group together – so far this class has attracted participants from New Mexico, Alaska, Colorado, California, Massachussetts, Australia and the UK. One person is taking her paper pack to Mexico, where she’ll create her weavings! Click here to watch the short video about the class, learn more and register. There’s a bonus if you order the paper pack by January 20th (a free Twelve Months of Paper Calendar).

Papery Tidbits:

  • Registration for the annual Red Cliff Paper Retreat is now open. This is the only event I hold in my Colorado studio. Join us Sept 7-9 and/or Sept 11-13.
  • Copies of the Twelve Months of Paper Calendar are still available, and the custom paper packs are back in stock.
  • Here are a few shots of the Peace Tree – the January project in the calendar – made participants in the online class. The custom paper pack contained a red corrugated paper.



Doll house meets pop-up book? This beautiful editorial piece was recently crafted by illustrator and paper artist Samantha Pierpoint for the Wall Street Journal to supplement an article about a members-only pop-up hotel (start saving your pennies). What an awesome gig for a paper artist (check out her website)!

This is a super cool story! May Tviet, a design professor at the University of Kansas, had a two year residence in a cardboard factory! Check out her amazing sculptures and read more about her thinking behind her work and the aroma of cardboard. And if you find yourself in Kansas, Universal Boxes is on view through January 28 at the Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art.

Five of the sculptures in May Tveit’s ‘Universal Boxes’ at the Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art, left to right: ‘Me & You,’ ‘The Well,’ ‘The Road,’ ‘Say Yes,’ and ‘Purgatory.’ E.G. SCHEMPF

Every few months, I have the privilege of receiving a small handmade paper envelope with a hangable handmade sheet tucked inside. Tom Bennick creates his Badger Paper (a British term for a mixture of leftover fibers that are used to make paper again) from his own leftover fibers from classes, projects and demonstrations. For each badger paper, he uses a minimum of number of words (which he letterpress prints) to get an image across. And for each edition, Bennick creates over 200 pieces of paper, one for the envelope and one for the hanging, and he’s been doing it for more than 16 years!

Are you a geek for planners? I am, but I’ve never found one that suits me just right. I knew I wasn’t alone when I kept seeing planner ads pop up in my facebook feed in December (I’m a sucker, I bought one! I’m trying a new planner from Ink & Volt this year, but that’s another story). Here’s the NYTimes case for using a paper planner. I couldn’t bring myself to reading about the specific planners though, because I’ve made my decision and there’s no turning back. Maybe you still need one?

Here’s an interesting article about the science behind origami holding up (or not) under pressure.

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