Twelve Months of Paper Giveaway

Twelve Months of Paper Giveaway

"In a way, this is blissful. I'm allowed to take my time here, and it's so peaceful"

The Sunday Paper #207

May 6, 2018

Paper of the Week: It’s Giveaway Time Again!

Click through to win! The Twelve Months of Paper is a how-to book and calendar all-in-one. The winner will also receive a custom paper pack containing the papers you need to create the projects in the calendar. This 2018 calendar is filled with twelve fun paper projects for the whole family to create together. 12 months and 12 projects feature a list of materials and tools you’ll need to complete the projects, plus step-by-step photos, templates and easy-to-follow instructions.


In the Studio:

I have been having fun with my new 12″ x 18″ mould & deckle and a new watermark stencil. I now have two 12″ x 18″ moulds which makes double couched sheets so much easier to make! So far I’ve made a pure watermark and several double-sided sheets with a base layer and a thin veil of pulp on top of the mould with the watermark. Here you see how the wet sheet flopped over onto itself when I lifted off the top felt. I love how this looks against the back side of the sheet, and this is giving me more creative ideas! Next up: abaca + the stenciled design.

I’ll have a selection of these sheets in my online paper sale this summer!

Papery Tidbits:


I’m loving the work of Eleanore Mikus, whom I just discovered this week. I’m dying to know how she stumbled upon abaca (anybody know)? Her wooden tablets are inspiring too.

Eleanore Mikus, no title, 2010. Crayon on hand-folded abaca, 19-1/8″ by 19″. Robert Wedemeyer / Marc Selwyn Fine Art

This is a great (and heartening) article about youngsters who are keeping traditional trades alive (in England). Check them out: a leather worker, globe maker, clog maker, wheelwright, and a papermaker!

“In a way, this is blissful. I’m allowed to take my time here, and it’s so peaceful” Zoe Collis

This has got to be the one of the coolest job titles ever: Rachel Brandzel Weil is The Letter Farmer. Her pop-up mobile paper, stationery and letter-writing business is a convenient one-stop letter writing opportunity that highlights and reminds people of the critical expression of the hand written word (not to mention the the high quality, unique stationery materials she puts in peoples hands). She’s in Seattle, has anyone visited?

This week over in Club Paper, we’re creating a virtual paper quilt. I invited members to add sheets of paper that they like, they’ve made, or that is part of something else. It’s still growing, and I hope you’ll join us!

If you enjoy reading about the history of hand papermaking, The Legacy Press has just published a new book about Hayle Mill in England. The Green Family of Papermakers & Hayle Mill is authored by Maureen P. Green.


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