The Sunday Paper, 1 (Lucky 13),

The Sunday Paper, 1 (Lucky 13),

I’m typing to you from my home in Colorado this week. I’m so glad to be back home after a wonderful month in Europe, and I’m still recovering from jetlag!

I am not superstitious, so I’m naming this week Lucky 13 – this is the 13th edition of The Sunday Paper! Thanks for reading and special thanks to those of you who have sent me your suggestions! If you enjoy reading The Sunday Paper, I hope you’ll tell your paper loving friends about it. 

My friend Diane Jacobs has launched a project called $PEAK OUT, which is part of a global discourse to end violence against women and girls. Read the text on the dollar bill below. I hope that you will click on this link to find out more about her project, and please join me in participating by sending her a message that she will inscribe onto your bill.

patsy's bill

 This is a sweet short film about an origami paper boat living in a toy store.

I heard Drew Cameron speak about his wartime experience in Washington DC back in 2006. It was incredibly moving and emotional. His Combat Paper Project (begun with co-founder Drew Matott, who also spoke that day) continues to help Veterans and others to heal by turning their uniforms into sheets of handmade paper. This article describes the project. Combat Paper was also  featured on the PBS Newshour a couple of years ago.


I stumbled across the blog Letterology a couple of weeks ago and was immediately enchanted with both the idea and these images of three-dimensional illustrated correspondence. Check it out.

This WayIn_3

Want to learn to make Japanese paper in Japan? This workshop at Awagami Paper takes place next month. I’m not sure if there is still space (you could inquire) but I know that it is an annual event. Here’s to planning ahead!


About The Sunday Paper: They keep saying that paper will become obsolete, yet artists, craftspeople, designers and creatives are keeping it alive and well. A healthy number of people are even making paper by hand (in some cultures they are still using age-old traditions). How cool is that? The Sunday PAPER is a resource for ideas and inspiration, all having to do with this amazing material. Each Sunday, starting with this edition, I’ll bring you stories and examples of people doing exciting, innovative, and beautiful things with paper, as well as links to interesting paperfacts I’ve unearthed from around the globe. I hope you’ll enjoy reading this paper, Papier, papel, хартия, Papir,紙, Papper, פּאַפּיר… and don’t hesitate to click on the link to leave your comments and suggestions!

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