The Sunday Paper, 1 (32),

The Sunday Paper, 1 (32),

I’d call this revolutionary book design: a set of Harry Potter books with glow-in-the-dark covers and pop-up illustrations. These are the work Hungary-based student Kincső Nagy did for her BA degree. Wow! I can’t wait to see what she does next!


These paper sculptures by Korean artist Ho Yoon Shin change dramatically as you walk around them. Now you see it, now you don’t! 


Here’s some awesome paper animation about the discovery of microbes.

Build your own R2-D2 dreidel, as seen on Heeb.



Here’s a neat interactive kinetic sculpture that debuted at the TEDx Toronto 2013 party. The work explores the future of smart objects—and considers a future in which objects become self-aware. Warning: this sculpture isn’t really paper, but it is certainly paper-inspired!

Enjoy your Sunday!


I’ve just created a new product: these Light Cards feature watermarks of the life cycle of the dandelion and relate to my last installation, The Wish. Read more about them and purchase your set here. 

Light Cards-The Wish

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