The Sunday Paper, 1 (24): Five Fun DIY Halloween Projects

The Sunday Paper, 1 (24): Five Fun DIY Halloween Projects

Here are five fun Halloween paper crafts that I’ve found on-line. Enjoy!

1. Origami Pumpkin Lanterns

I love the glow of a lantern, especially as the days grow shorter. Personally, I’m challenged when it comes to this type of origami fold, but hopefully you’ll be able to manage, and if you speak French, you might want to follow the original directions.


2. Skeleton Rib Cage Pop-Up Card

This cool rib cage skeleton pop-up card (designed by Yoojin Kim) from my book Playing with Pop-ups: The Art of Dimensional, Moving Paper Designs was featured again this week on the Craftside blog. The full post features 21 Spook-tacular Halloween Craftside Crafts. 


3. Halloween Flashlight Projections

As the days grow shorter and darker, we have grown accustomed to all sorts of artificial light. Check out these paper silhouettes that you can cut out and place on the end of your flashlight. You’ll never see that beam of light the same way again. 


4. Spiderweb Kirigami

Fold, snip snip. This kirigami paper craft from Omiyage Blogs is both simple and fun.


5. Halloween Ink-Jet Tattoos

The only paper in this project is the decal paper you’ll need in order to print out these ink-jet tattoos from Martha Stewart. Now this is a Halloween costume that even I might wear! 


I’ll wrap up with this image of the first product I developed about twenty years ago, a watermarked handmade paper Jack-O-Lantern. I’d just learned how to make paper and was fascinated with the watermarking technique. And my memory of the luminaria in New Mexico, where I lived part-time as a child, inspired the watermarked Jack-O-Lantern luminaria. I wrote this post to give a general overview of how to make watermarks, and my book The Papermaker’s Companion describes several watermarking methods in detail.

pumpkin luminaria

Let the holiday season begin!


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