The New Year

The New Year

IMG_6081This is my first post of the year! It has been busy, with the kids out of school and a trip to Salt Lake City last weekend to attend the College Book Art Association’s annual meeting. I’ll give a full report on that soon, but here’s a picture to whet your appetite. Kimberly Maher, a grad student at the University of Iowa, gave a fascinating demonstration on embedding electronics in handmade paper. Yep, those lights are inside of the paper. Pretty cool, huh?

I wanted to make sure that all of you know about the sale I’m having, just in case you don’t follow my newsletter or FaceBook posts. I’m pleased to report that The Paper Lover’s Package has almost sold out!

I have three packages on sale:

The Paper Lover’s Package: a selection of five sheets of translucent, decorative and textured abaca handmade papers suitable for bookbinding, lamp making, collage, drawing, and more. 

The Film Lover’s Package: copies of my three films: Water Paper Time, The Papermaker’s Studio Guide, and the Mother Tree Documentary.

The Library Package: this package includes all four of my books: Papermaking with Plants, The Papermaker’s Companion, Paper Illuminated and Playing With Paper; and my three videos: Water Paper Time, The Papermaker’s Studio Guide and the Mother Tree Documentary.

Take a look at all of the packages here:

And there’s a bonus for everyone who places an order! 

I’m purging a few papers from my flat files and everyone who orders receives five 8″ x 10″ decorative sheets of paper.

Remember, the sale ends on Monday, so order soon!

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