The Light in the Dark

The Light in the Dark

© Rebecca Clouâtre. Photo by Rebecca Clouâtre

The Sunday Paper #343

December 20, 2020

Papermaker of the Week: Nick Pearson

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Nick Pearson is unusual in the hand papermaking community as his roots are very much in industrial papermaking and in paper science. As his industrial papermaking career progressed, he found that he was spending more and more time behind a desk and he increasingly felt the need ‘to get his hands pulpy’. So rather than being an artist or an artisan, Pearson is more of an obsessive hobbyist. He has set up a papermaking studio at home with a hollander beater, vat, vacuum dewatering system, hydraulic press, dryer boxes and sizing station. He has a collection of over 40 antique paper moulds and a large chest full of interesting paper samples. His main interests are in watermarking and artists’ watercolor paper. Mostly though, he just makes paper for fun.

In the Studio: Happy Holidays from Helen Hiebert Studio!

Here’s my holiday card to you in video form. I love designing with paper, and in the video I invite you to make this simple lantern with me. Light carries throughout the faith traditions, and as we celebrate the winter solstice tomorrow, I will be thinking of brighter days ahead, in more ways than one!


Papery Tidbits:

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I admire how Jennifer Young, an Omaha event planner, makes one-of-a-kind greeting cards that she sells at various outlets around the city. I like how she describes her cards as individual works of art meant to uplift the recipient. Not only do they receive a special message, but they get something beautiful and unique too.

Rebecca Clouâtre started doing collage by creating one a day for 150 days, and by the end of the experiment, a style of her own had emerged. She scavenges used bookstores for the paper ephemera she uses in her dreamy works. Don’t miss the enchanting video of her collages inspired by the natural world.

© Rebecca Clouâtre. Photo by Rebecca Clouâtre

I write by hand so little that when I do it, my hand fumbles over certain letters and phrases. This is a lovely ode to hand written letters, especially thank-you notes written by hand, as an excellent exercise both in mental health and in holiday tradition around gifting time. I’ve been sending a card each day during December to random people. And you know what? It is special to make the time to think about the person I am writing to.

Not only is this custom wrapping paper a neat idea, but I love how The Plot Shop in Alabama came up with a new way of using their printing machinery. They brought in graphic designers to come up with creative alternatives to expand their business (wide format printing construction crews and architects) while making it fun.

Julie Comer, Grace Horne and Jamie Hadden craft custom gift wrapping for artists and families. Staff Photo: Allison Marlow

This is a touching video featuring Marianne Guély, who designed this year’s holiday card – Silver Tree – for Iggesund Paperboard, a Swedish paper company.


The Paper Year opens for registration on January 1st and will continue through January 10th. Since this is a subscription program, you can only join a few times during the year. I’m excited to get started!




On January 3rd, I’m hosting a free live online Zoom event to ring in the new year and kick off The Paper Year 2021. Everyone is welcome! I’ll be showing you how to make this pop-up paper lantern, and I’ll answer any questions about The Paper Year.


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