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The Sunday Paper #120, August 14, 2016

Paper of the Week: Cinefoil with Paper Towel Laminate

95591-2TI LOVE learning something new every day! Now this is not paper, but Kevin Parry over at Laika (remember the animated film Coraline?) had the ingenious idea to use cinefoil (a malleable aluminum material used by photographers to black out light) for stop-motion origami in the new film Kubo and the Two Strings. You can’t tell at all that Parry covered the cinefoil with paper towels and painted it. Be sure to scroll down at the link to watch the origami come to life!


In the Studio:

It’s coming! The Twelve Months of Paper Calendar Kickstarter Campaign (wow, that’s a mouthful) will launch later this week! Read all about it here next Sunday! Here’s a quick snapshot of the projects we’ll be making throughout the twelve months of paper (in case you count, there are really 13 projects – December 2016 is a bonus month)!

Pop-Up Tree, Snowflake Luminaria, Pleated Lantern, Hanging Heart, Paper Balloon, Leaf Mobile, Shadow Ornament, Envelope Album, Swirling Flower, Tesselating Tyvek, Paper Weaving, Window Star, Zig Zag Book

Pop-Up Tree, Snowflake Luminaria, Pleated Lantern, Hanging Heart, Paper Balloon, Leaf Mobile, Shadow Ornament, Envelope Album, Swirling Flower, Tesselating Tyvek, Paper Weaving, Window Star, Zig Zag Book

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  • On the website tour this week: Have you heard of my Red Cliff Paper Retreat? It’s a 3-day retreat that takes place in my studio every September. The 2016 retreat is sold out, but you can add your name to the waiting list to receive first notice for next year’s retreat.
  • Speaking of Red Cliff, if you’re in the area, the Red Cliff Studio Tour continues today from 10am – 5pm. We had a nice amount of traffic yesterday, and I’m looking forward to more visitors today!


This is a clever video about the history of coffee and how Mr. Folger sped up production and made it a household brand.

Confluence: 12 Collaborations,” just opened at the Morgan Conservatory in Cleveland and pays tribute to our relationship with paper in the past and the possibilities between new artists and disciplines in the future. Director Tom Balbo chose 12 papermakers and asked them to collaborate with their choice of artist. The show runs through September 16th.

The work of Bridget O'Malley and Amy Sands. (Courtesy Morgan Conservatory.)

The work of Bridget O’Malley and Amy Sands. (Courtesy Morgan Conservatory.)

Check out these exquisite layered paper cuts by Tahiti Pehrson. I’m intrigued by and can totally see what he says: that he uses color to simulate light. You won’t want to miss the other images at the link!
© Tahiti Pehrson
Two readers sent me this link. Oooh la la! Amazing cardboard houses made by students for the Delhi Architecture Festival.
Do you know about the Focus On Book Arts Conference, a week-long book arts gathering outside of Portland, Oregon every two years? They have started recording the keynote speakers. You can watch the presentations by Hedi Kyle and Shu-Ju Wang from the 2015 conference.


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