The Burden of Invisibility

The Sunday Paper #362

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the mamas out there – you’re the best :)!

Here’s a tribute to my mom, whom I’ll see today (I’ll have to take a new photo – this one is a couple of years old). I credit her with introducing me to the arts in a variety of ways. She taught me to sew and paid me to make holiday cards and gifts. When I was in middle school, she hired an artist friend to teach me and my friends to  draw. I also witnessed her making art – she took painting classes at the local university, and when we summered in New Mexico, she would go into the mountains to do plein air painting.

Doris, Helen & Lucah (Gran, Mom, Daughter/Granddaughter)


My friend and birthday buddy Sarah Horowitz has a show up through the end of the month at Froelick Gallery in Portland. Sarah hand paints Japanese papers and draws on them with ink. Take a look of her new work in the gallery (in person or online) through May 29th. I interviewed Sarah on Paper Talk awhile back.

Sarah Horowitz, Dark Blue Pines II, 2021

© Sarah Horowitz, Dark Blue Pines II, 2021

Here’s a fun round up of paper pendant shades.

Nellianna shade

This is a fascinating article about the acquisition of courtroom sketches (on paper) involving high profile people. These sketches document history in the making. Here’s a

Mary Chaney Family Trust, via Library of Congress


I stumbled across the powerful work of Veronica Jackson, who has an ongoing project—The Burden of Invisibility. As a black woman marking space, her work responds to the travails of her ancestors. I love what she says: “My artwork is grounded in the belief that studying visual culture is a transformative experience. As an emerging cultural producer with a social justice practice, my goal is to engage audiences who may benefit from the ways visual culture incites the imagination to see the world differently, and eventually empowers and provides them the agency to creatively contribute to it.” Here’s to the power of art!


Paper Tidbits:


In the Studio:

I’m having fun looking for paper. My second quarterly Curated Paper Collection is now available and features a set of unique papers from around the world. Grab a set while they last – featuring hand marbled and paste painted sheets, and handmade plant papers from the US, Nepal, Japan, and Vietnam, to name a few. Follow @helenhiebert on Instagram, where I’ll be sharing more about each of the papers in this collection over the next twelve days. I’m currently on the hunt for papers for Q3 and Q4 and would love to hear from you if you have a paper I might be interested in.

This image shows a partial selection of the papers in Curated Paper Collection #2.


Featured this week in my Studio shop:

Playing With Paper, The Papermaker’s Companion, Prism, an artist’s book, and Try It! Shadow Ornament Tutorial.


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