Kids Workshop at Walking Mountains

A couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of leading a papermaking workshop for children (and their parents) at Walking Mountains Science Center here in Avon, Colorado. I tried some new things, taking advantage of the location. We started with a quick demonstration and then headed outside to collect plant parts to include in our papers. The center has a lovely nature trail,

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On the Bookshelf

I am in Portland for 12 days (the first five have flown by). Yesterday, the kids and I went to Powells Books and we each went our separate ways (they know where to find me… in the papercraft section). I was delighted to see all four of my books on the shelf grouped together. Nearby was Dard Hunter’s well known publication, Papermaking. And a

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The Paper Club

I host a weekly after school club at my kid’s school, which I started in Portland about five years ago at The Portland Village School. It has been a fun little gig that started with my children as participants, and then helpers, and now, well, they’ve graduated (in other words, they don’t want to help their mom anymore)! I’ve got a steady group of about

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The Papermaker's Wet Floor

I guess I’ve been spoiled when it comes to worrying about water when making paper. Until my current studio that is. My last two studios were in garages with concrete floors that were graded, so the water conveniently flowed outside into nearby drains. When I moved into my current studio in November (located in Red Cliff, CO), it was carpeted. I removed the carpet, hoping

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Intern in the Studio!

I am so fortunate to have interns who seek me out, and this summer I have two interns who are traveling to Portland to help out around the studio in exchange for learning what they can through hands-on training, day-to-day activities and osmosis! Megan Welch will be a senior at Troy University in Troy, Alabama and sent me an e-mail last fall inquiring about an

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Columbia College Chicago

I’m teaching at the Chicago Center for Book & Paper Art this weekend. What a treat to work in a studio that is designed specifically to papermaking! Here’s a snapshot of their equipment. And mind you, this is only the papermaking studio… there is also a bookbinding studio, a letterpress studio and more! This is the beater room, equipped with 7 lb and 2 lb

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