Asya Kozina

March 5, 2022

Make Art Not War

The Sunday Paper #403

March 6, 2022

Friends, I can’t stop thinking about Ukraine, so I decided to research the papermaking history there. I’ve just begun, and there is surely more going on with paper in the country, but here …

January 30, 2016

Love in a Maze

 The Sunday Paper #92

Paper of the Week: Origami Paper

I’m guessing that you’ve heard about (or perhaps even participated in) the adult coloring book craze. Now it seems that origami might take its place (or join in). I’ve dabbled …

October 4, 2014

The Sunday Paper, 1 (23),

I wasn’t expecting these materials when I first looked at this piece by artists Gerlinde Gruber, Christine Strempel and Matthäus Jiszda, as seen on Fubiz.

A few years ago, I received a piece of fan mail from a professor at …