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The Sunday Paper #88

Dear Friends, 

Happy New Year! As we launch into 2016, I wanted to tell you how much I love creating and sharing The Sunday Paper with you. This is just a quick note about some ways that you can contribute –my heartfelt thanks to those of you who already do these things!

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Special thanks to everyone who participated in the FB group showing off your work. This image shows all of the projects by Yara Bertrán.

Special thanks to everyone shared work in our FB Group. This image shows all of the projects by Yara Bertrán.

If you participated in the 25 Days of Paper (or if you have feedback for me), I’ve created a short survey. I working out plans for new projects, and your response will help guide me! 


Paper of the Week: Kozo Bark Fiber

© Jill Powers, detail of Hidden Currents

© Jill Powers, detail of Hidden Currents

When I’m in Boulder, I usually visit my friend and colleague Jill Powers, and I had the opportunity to see her this weekend. She’s got a wonderfully inspiring studio where she has developed advanced casting techniques for working with kozo (mulberry) bark. Jill teaches innovative techniques for working with this fiber in her Kozo Bark Fiber Course (technically, this isn’t really paper, but . She is currently working on an exhibition – Holdfast: Seaweeds in a Time of Oceanic Change –  that will debut at the Dairy Arts Center in Boulder on March 4th. If you are in Colorado, I hope to see you there!


Here’s a lovely idea for those origami paper balloons (or water bombs) that we learned to make in elementary school from Wit & Whistle


Here’s a nice interview with paper engineer Robert Sabuda about his new book The White House. I wonder who will be living there next?


These origami characters remind me of the gum wrapper chains I used to make as a kid (did you make those too)? I have no idea how these characters by Kerri Brooks are constructed, but she claims that it takes 1,000 pieces to create a minion. Hopefully this is a meditative process!


While I was in Boulder I visited the 15th Street Frame Shop and Gallery, a sweet little spot that I’ll visit again. They have a lovely show up now called Sculptured and 3-D Paper, and it was fun to see several 3-D lithographs by Red Grooms. 

© Red Grooms, Tennessee Fox Trot Carousel

© Red Grooms, Tennessee Fox Trot Carousel

Okay, this is just too much fun. Click through to see this paper animation in motion by an artist duo in Berlin.

Pitch for German drugstore dm. All images courtesy of Ollanski and Cris Wiegandt

Pitch for German drugstore dm. All images courtesy of Ollanski and Cris Wiegandt

See you next week. Enjoy your Sunday!

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