Join me for a one-hour Zoom workshop and presentation on June 29th at noon in Denver (register here). I’ll talk a bit about my Paper Year Membership Program, and then we’ll dive into making a Spinning Flower Card.

Register for this event here. 

Please bring the following tools & materials:

  • White card stock for making templates (there are no supplied templates – we’ll make them together).
  • One sheet of card stock for the card base, flat or folded, any size.
  • Assorted decorative and/or colored 80-100 gsm text weight papers (standard copier paper weight or slightly heavier). 3″ strips of paper will suffice. I’m using Rock Paper, which I’ll show you.
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Japanese screw punch, awl or hole punch
  • Mini brad or office brad (I get mine here) OR needle + thread