Snow Daze

Snow Daze

 The Sunday Paper #93

Paper of the Week: Zinnia Garden

Zinnia Garden

Zinnia Garden is a 100% cotton rag paper, screen printed in India. I’d rank it between a text and cover weight at 100 g/m2. You’ll receive a small sheet of this paper (plus 13 other papers) in my new Custom Paper Project Pack along with instructions for making this Versatile Valentine – the latest project-of-the-month. You can find full sheets of this paper (22″ x 30″ sheets) through one GPC Paper’s retailers.


In the Studio:


We got a LOT of snow this week, so I spent more time than usual on the business side of things (have I told you that I’m writing a catalog for my upcoming 25 Year retrospective exhibition? More on that soon). I snapped this photo of my Dandelion Seed Sculpture and like how it juxtaposes with the snow-laced tree branches.


I used to ride my bicycle all the time but hardly get on it anymore. Maybe that will change one day. In the meantime, check out these exquisite paper cuts by Parth Kothekar from Ahmedabad, India. 


I find this stuff fascinating! The folding pattern used to make these objects, known as the Miura-ori, is a periodic way to tile a plane using the simplest mountain-valley fold in origami. It was used as a decorative item in clothing at least as long ago as the 15th century. A folded Miura, in fact, can be packed into a flat, compact shape and unfolded in one continuous motion, making it ideal for packing rigid structures like solar panels. It also occurs in nature in a variety of situations, such as in insect wings and certain leaves. Now scientists are studying the flexibility hidden within the geometry of this folding pattern because it could be used to create collapsible objects. So cool!


I wish I lived up North so that I might discover one of these paper boats! Inspired by a 19th Century mystery of the Magellan daisy and whalers, Scottish artist Joanne B. Kaar designed, printed and folded 1500 paper boats and has hidden them in public spaces in Iceland, Finland, Shetland, Orkney, Caithness, and Outer Hebrides. Someone found the first paper boat this week. Sail on boats, sail on! 

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These works by Vikram Marathe use rust to capture the passage of time. Created by processing metal impressions on water-soaked handmade papers, the seemingly spontaneous art is rather counter-intuitive and complex.


There’s a new Call for Entries for a paper show at Paper Circle in Ohio. Entry deadline is July 15. Submit your work!


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