The Art of Papercraft + Handmade Paper Pack

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Enjoy a copy of The Art of Papercraft + a Handmade Paper Pack filled with papers that can be turned into a variety of projects in the book.

The Art of Papercraft features 40 unique projects, each using just one sheet of paper. Combining decorative paper techniques like marbling, stamping, and stenciling with dimensional techniques like origami, cutting, folding, quilling, stretching, weaving, and pop-ups, The Art of Papercraft offers a rich variety of projects that will delight crafters, artists, and designers alike, including paper votive lights, pop-up cards, folded paper gift boxes and envelopes, woven paper wall hangings, miniature one-sheet books, and much more.

The Handmade Paper Pack contains:

• 20 sheets of paper and at least 15 unique sheets (up to 5 sheets might be duplicates).

• 10 sheets measuring 8-1/2″ x 11′ and 10 sheets that range in size, the smallest being 7″ x 7″.

• Most sheets are handmade paper and some are hand printed.

• Several sheets were made locally at Helen Hiebert Studio.

• The rest of the sheets are from around the world: Oregon, Vietnam, Japan, India, Thailand, Spain, and Mexico.

• These papers have a variety of textures, translucency and edges.


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