Interluceo. 2015. Limited edition of 25, signed and numbered by the artist.

Papercut Illustrations by Beatrice Coron. Handmade abaca/cotton papers with watermarks by Helen Hiebert. Page size: 9-3/16 x 9-3/16 inches: 72pp; including colophon and endsheets.

Interluceo is defined as to shine or gleam between, to be transparent, to let light through gaps.

Bound by Claudia Cohen: hand-sewn exposed spine, grey paper wrappers printed with title and geometric shapes in darker grey on front panel, housed in custom-made plum silk over boards with title printed blind on grey paper laid onto spine.

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Illustrated with 7 hand-cut paper illustrations (translucent abaca paper in hues of rainbow) that portray the mysteries of life: a baby in the womb, a couple, a child, a child gaining strength and running to embrace life, the building of a home (the pentagonal shape), exploring the world and, finally, spiritual contemplation.
Seven white handmade cotton/abaca papers feature seven intricate geometric watermarks which relate to the numbers one to seven and their corresponding shapes: point, line, triangle, square, pentagon, hexagon, septagon.
The text was printed letterpress in Dante by Tom Leech, Palace of the Governors Press, Santa Fe, NM from polymer plates made by Boxcar Press.
Enter into the mystery of light and color exhibited in these beautiful pages. The ultimate reward is the turning of each page as the story unfolds through forms as well as color and light. Abstract enough for the reader to enter his own story, but concrete enough to be visual poetry.
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