Polar Landscape

Polar Landscape

The Sunday Paper #383

October 3, 2021

The Paper Year is open for registration quarterly, and now is one of those times! Here you see the final three projects we’ll be making in 2021. This would be a great time to join and get a sense of what our community in preparation for 2022, when I’ll be adding a few more fun elements to this membership program. Registration is open through October 10th.

Here’s a testimonial from a current member, along with the amazing book she created based on the project we explored in May:

“Because of COVID, there wasn’t much to do. I couldn’t visit my kids who are on the East Coast. It was a hard time and I didn’t have the motivation to go into my studio and work. Then I decided to sign up for The Paper Year, figuring at least I would do one thing a month. But it turned out to be more than one thing a month and I am working and creating in my studio nearly every day.”
And she says this about her piece: “Lift the lid of this polar bear box and inside you will find a Polar Landscape – ice, snowballs, and of course, polar bears. This sculptural book is made using Helen Hiebert’s ‘bubble paper’, COVID-19 face shield material, and polar bears cut from screen printed Lokta. All sections are sewn using a pamphlet stitch. The only glue involved was used to adhere the bears. Scotch dry mount adhesive worked best for attaching paper to plastic.  The colors, textures, patterns and sounds of papers (and in this case plastic), are what influences most of my work. The papers become the images that I bind into books. It is my way of preserving the papers that I love. Thank you Helen for teaching me this structure.” Maggie Heineman, Running With Scissors Press and Bindery.


You’ll never guess what this paper is made of… elephant poop. There are  2,500-4,000 wild elephants in Sri Lanka, so there is no shortage of droppings. And due to the pachyderm’s incomplete digestive system, the heaps of waste contain a high percentage of intact fibers, making it a perfect raw material for paper production at Eco Maximus.


I’m at the Movable Book Society conference in Denver this weekend, an in-person and virtual event, which is pretty awesome because we have some presenters who are streaming in from distant lands. I met Katherine Belsey (in person) who runs MakePopUpCards.com, a site for paper engineers to share their designs with the world (for free or a small fee). You can even find instructions for creating this no sew face mask.


Hong Hong is a contemporary paper artist who is making large scale pulp paintings. She currently has recent work on view at the Houston Center for Contemporary Craft. 


Suzanne Seiler creates exquisite paper mosaics. Click though to see for yourself!


Paper Tidbits:

  • Every so often, I make a batch of translucent abaca sheets. It’s that time again, and you can order them in sets of 5 sheets that are 12″ x 18″ for $50. Click through to place your order by October 3rd, and your paper will ship by mid-October.
  • Have you listened to my interview with Miri Golan on Paper Talk?
  • Hand Papermaking is hosting a Swap Meet, where you will find bargains on more than 50 amazing papermaking- and paper-related items, including:


In the Studio:

I was a bit distracted on Thursday, when I left the house without my laptop for this 4-day trip to Denver for the Movable Book Society conference, so I am writing this blog post on a friend’s computer, and I don’t have easy access to my photos. As you read this, I’ll be taking two short workshops: Making Pop-Ups with Kyle Olmon and Preservation Enclosures with Andrew Huot. I’ll post some images on Instagram


Featured this week in my Studio shop:

Papermaking with Garden Plants, now enrolling: The Paper Year, translucent abaca, and Water Paper Time.

The Paper Year


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