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I’m curious to know whether you have had a chance to try any of the projects in my book Playing With Paper? I’d love to see and share your creative ideas! But seriously, you can be honest and say no – I have plenty of books on my own shelf that serve purely to inspire.
For those of you who’d like to try making one of the projects in Playing With Paper, I’ve decided to host a giveaway to entice and prompt you: see below for details.
When I was in Portland recently, I received this lovely little gift from Carol Dubosch, who came to my lecture at the library (where my artists books are on view now through July 31 – in the John Wilson Room at the Central Library).
She made this miniature version of the Diagonal Pocket Folder, which Hedi Kyle contributed to the book – just the size to hold a business card!
Here is the cover, adorned with calligraphy. (BTW, I’m looking forward to seeing Carol and her calligraphy friends at the upcoming calligraphy conference in Colorado Springs! I will be selling papers at the vendor fair on July 24th).
What do you like to make? During the holidays, I love to make these window stars, which I learned to make years ago when my daughter attended a Waldorf preschool. These make great gifts and are super easy to mail!

photo by Stephen Funk

Photo by Stephen Funk

I also love weaving paper. When I started making lamps, I discovered that styrene (the plastic backing on lampshades) could be cut and used as a mini cutting mat. Here’s a sample of a paper weaving that I created. In the book, you learn how to cut windows in the paper – using styrene – to allow more light through.
Photo by Stephen Funk

Photo by Stephen Funk

Steve Pittelkow (marbler extraordinaire) created this table runner after receiving his copy of the book.
Image 1
The Envelope Lantern is a paper adaptation of a stained glass window. Here’s the project that is featured in the book.
Photo by Stephen Funk

Photo by Stephen Funk

And an adaptation by a student that took my workshop at the Sitka Center for Art & Ecology last summer.
In 2001, I developed this Party Light for a lantern festival in Portland. We hosted workshops around the city so that people could create their own lanterns for the walk; needless to say, it was a luminous event! This project is super simple – reed is wrapped around a yogurt container and paper is collaged onto the form. After the glue dries, you simply remove the yogurt container and add a hanger.
Here is an adaptation on the project created by another student at Sitka last summer. She used her own nature printed paper.
Okay, it’s your turn! Send me a picture of a project you create from my book. The deadline is September 1, 2013. I’m giving you a couple of months in case you need time to get the book from the library, or to order a copy (get your autographed copy here). Your name will be entered in a drawing to win an Interchangeable Ring (also a project featured in the book) plus a copy of Playing With Paper. I’m reserving the right to change these rules slightly (don’t worry, it will be for the better if it happens) and I’ll announce any changes right here on the blog.
Please tell your creative friends who like to play with paper!
Now don’t be shy. I won’t share your image if you don’t want me to, but my hope is that we can create a Pinterest page featuring your projects!

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  • Linda K. Fendley

    I love this idea! I bought 2 copies of your book and gave one to a very creative friend. We are going to do a project from the book. I told her it was an investment in our creative friendship!

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