Paper Boat Addresses Migrant Drownings

The Sunday Paper #53

Work of the Week: I’m finally catching up to the digital age. Today, I’m releasing my films (formerly sold as DVD’s) as instant downloads – no shipping, no packaging, no fuss! Watch the trailers for each film below, and if you’re interested, you can purchase and watch the films in their entirety (now or later).

If you got this in your in-box, click here to read this article on-line (the film trailers don’t show up in the e-mailed version).

Water Paper Time ($4.99 instant download): Using time-lapse photography, this film explores how external forces such as time, gravity and molecular structure bend, tear and wrinkle abaca, producing startlingly allusive and organic forms which recall the fibers and plants that the artist used in the paper-making process.

The Papermaker’s Studio Guide ($7.99 instant download) is a how-to guide to making paper in six chapters. Watch one chapter at a time (studio set-up, collecting fiber, additives, beating, making paper and creative techniques) or view it all at once.

Mother Tree Documentary, receive this film as a bonus when you purchase the two other films for $12.99: This beautiful film by Ian Lucero documents my sculpture/installation about motherhood. You’ll find information about this package at the bottom of both of the film pages.

Artist Vik Muniz will unveil a floating installation called Lampedusa, a giant paper boat at this year’s Venice Biennale. A wooden substructure constructed by Venetian craftsmen will be covered with a scaled-up newspaper article abou the deaths of migrants off the Italian island Lampedusa. 


Paper art studio Wanda Barcelona laser-cut 15,000 pieces of paper and spent three weeks putting up this structure at Germany’s Bundeskunsthalle Bonn museum in honor of the Karl Lagerfeld’s current retrospective. Mode Methode was inspired by Lagerfeld’s practice of burning any drawing he doesn’t turn into a garment.


Would you have guessed that pavillion is made from pulp sprayed rope? It slipped by me, but thankfully one of you pointed it out to me! Ball-Nogues studio created this pulp pavilion for the annual coachella valley music festival in California. When the festival is over, the pulp pavilion can easily be recycled or composted. Wow, that’s a labor of love!

pulp pavillion.jpg

Did you have a Spirograph? Joe Freedman has created a super cool gear driven wooden machine to make wonderful drawings, and he’s launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund it. Joe engineered all of the parts and pieces, and the kit even comes with a set of die cut papers for your drawings. Watch the Cycloid Drawing Machine in action, and support the project and purchase your own machine. Hurry, they are going fast!


This is a lovely video about a photographer and an origami master who meld their respective arts in this  time-lapse project that’s not only riveting to watch, but also gives viewers an intimate glimpse into the path of their relationship.

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