Mulberry Paper & More

Mulberry Paper & More

25 Days of Paper 2016, Day 2

Mulberry Paper & More is an e-commerce paper company located near Denver, CO. I’ve been to visit twice, and it’s always fun to see a warehouse full of paper! Check out this cute paper tree they’ve created using a selection of the papers they carry. 

Mulberry Paper & More is offering blog readers free shipping on any purchase until Dec. 31, 2016 with coupon code HHFREE.


Mulberry paper, also known as kozo paper, is made from the inner bark of the mulberry tree. It provides a luxurious foundation for many art, craft and design projects. The paper feathers beautifully when hand torn and is a wonderful art paper for many projects including collage, painting, scrapbooking, note cards, lamp shades, wedding invitations, fish rubbings and many, many more. Mulberry paper is made in many different varieties including:

  • Unryu Paper: Lightweight, translucent and showing embedded threads of bark.
  • Kozo Paper: Heavyweight and highly textured.
  • Printable Paper: Smooth, text weight and printer compatible.
  • Marbled Momi Paper: Hand-marbled in exotic colors and texture.
  • Mulberry Paper Rolls: Large dimension mulberry paper sold on rolls for large projects.

Christmas Tree Project


Forest Momi and Gold Metallic Mulberry Papers

For one tree you will need eight sheets of mulberry paper in five different sizes starting at 8″ and down to 4″ plus a tube from a paper towel roll. You can use alternating colors or use all of the same paper for each square size.


Roll each square into a cone shape and secure with hot glue.


Using the largest cone, hold the paper towel roll vertical and place the cone onto the roll approximately 4″ from the bottom. Glue each sheet around the cone and visually determine the placement of the next set of cones for the next size prior to gluing. Repeat with cone sizes and wrap the tip of the last cone over the paper towel roll. Glue a bow on the top of the roll to finish the tree and cover the opening.


About our sponsor: Mulberry Paper & More carries an extensive selection of specialty papers from around the world. They offer a number of size selections in each paper to allow customers to choose the correct paper for their project.

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