Mixing Business & Philanthropy in Exotic Places

Mixing Business & Philanthropy in Exotic Places

The Sunday Paper #56

      Dear Readers,

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In the Studio: In 2009, I created my only installation (to date) that had absolutely nothing to do with paper. My installations are usually site specific, and I had the opportunity to exhibit at the now defunct Ogle Gallery in Portland. I was drawn to the large skylights in the space and decided to draw with string, connecting that skylight to the same shape on the floor. It was interesting to walk around the piece and view the piece and the space from different vantage points. The shadows changed throughout the day too. I like to think that I made something out of nothing, because the space without this piece was just air. The piece was called Holding Space

Holding Space, 2009, temporary installation at Ogle Gallery, Portland, OR, 12' x 8' x 4'

Holding Space, © 2009 Helen Hiebert, wood, eyelets, thread, installation at Ogle Gallery, Portland, OR, 12′ x 8′ x 4′


Paper of the Week: Abaca Leather with Embedded String


This is a handmade abaca paper; those of you who follow my work know that I’m obsessed with abaca, a fiber from the leaf stalk of a non-fruit bearing banana plant. I’ve developed this paper over the years. It is made from premium abaca fiber that I beat in my Reina beater for about 3 hours. Next, I double-couch two sheets of paper, sandwiching a thin linen thread in between. The sheet was air dried, misted and then dried under restraint. The papers featured in the Support The Sunday Paper button above are pigmented abaca leather (one layer, no string). I’m making this particular paper for my next artists’ book, 50 Revolutions, and you’ll be able to purchase the extra sheets during my on-line paper sale later this summer.


Now for that headline. It came from this article about Everest Art Paper in the aftermath of the Nepal earthquakes. I can’t find much information about the company, but it sounds like over the years the business leapt beyond just the making of paper and applied its resources to organic farming, tourism, vocational training, educational and cultural programs and micro-community development. If you live in the Boulder, CO area, you can take part in the Two Hands Paperie-Etsy Craft Party Fundraiser for Nepal on June 5th. (Please note that as far as I know, these two things are not directly related – just helping out the same country).


Jennie Frederick was the first person to acquire an MFA in papermaking… that shows you how young this field is! Here’s a nice article about her work in the Kansas City Star, and just look at that lovely (and clean) studio.

HHQA Frederick 050115 JAT 0

East London designer Kyla McCallum makes some amazing lighting pieces that are now available in the US. One thing I love about lamps is that they look so different when they are on and off. Illuminating in more ways than one! 


Have you seen my pop-up alphabet? If you don’t already subscribe to this blog, click here, sign up and you’ll receive a template for creating this fun three-dimensional font!

Speaking of templates, here’s one for creating your very own Orion Crew Vehicle out of paper. My husband used to tell my son that he’d be the first person on Mars. I’m doubtful, but I am happy to know much more than I ever would about space because I married him. And of course he’s the one who found this template!

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