I have a tradition of creating a list of my favorite paper resources each year. For 2023, I’d love to include your recommendations as well.

Please take a look at last year’s list, then let me know your favorite papers, books, techniques, etc., using the categories from last year’s list as a guide.

DEADLINE: December 15, 2023

I’ll be sharing our combined list on social media and with my blog readers. Please note that I can include your name with your recommendation(s) or not – that’s up to you.

I look forward to reading about your favorites.



Helen's 100 Papery Picks for 2023

I look forward to sharing your papery picks with my blog readers!

  • Here are a couple of examples: 1. Kelsey Pike runs Sustainable Papercraft in Kansas City, Kansas, where she creates fine handmade papers and custom, hand-carved rubber stamps. Her Monthly Paper Parcels contain 4-8 different types and colors of unique handmade papers. 2. Kite paper is similar to waxed paper and comes in brilliant colors. It is translucent and folds well. It is traditionally used in the Netherlands for handmade kites and is also used to create window stars.