Happy 2017!

Happy 2017!

The Sunday Paper #140, January 1, 2017

Y  W  !

Paper of the Week: Thai Nature Touch – Lemon Grass

Thai Nature Touch - Lemon Grass, available from Mulberry Paper & More

Thai Nature Touch – Lemon Grass, available from Mulberry Paper & More

I’ve been busy this week with the holiday, family in town, finishing up a custom paper order, and planning my first on-line course. A few weeks ago, I visited Mulberry Paper & More in Parker, CO and picked out a selection of papers to use for the projects in my on-line class.
In the Studio:
Here’s what we’ll be turning that paper into. I love how the flip of a switch transforms the paper!
Panel Shade Project from my on-line class Paper Illuminated

Panel Shade Project from my on-line class Paper Illuminated

  • Registration for this on-line class, Paper Illuminated, opens on Tuesday, January 3 and class starts March 8th. Here’s a video I made about the class.
  • Prefer to work with me in person? Registration for the 2017 Red Cliff Paper Retreats (Sept 8-10 and Sept 12-14) is now open!
  • View my full teaching calendar for 2017.

Take a look at this! Fubiz has prepared a 2016 Year in Paper Art for us.
Um, can I go back to school (to MIT)? Wowza, I will never cease to be amazed. Check out aeroMorph, an inflatable structure that is programmed through robotic-assisted sealing methods to transform into a pre-determined geometry. It’s similar to how origami works, except the material expands to become a specific shape, such as a paper crane, on its own.

This is pretty cool: using origami to fold seaweed wrappers for shaped rice balls. They call these delectables munchable masterpieces.
I moved to NYC in 1987 and just noticed that the origami tree at the Museum of Natural History began around that time. I love coincidences like that, but I’m sad to say that I never went to see the origami tree! Before we leave the holiday season, here’s a look at this year’s tree, with a dinosaur theme and 1,000 folded ornaments!

This stop motion video shows the progression of artist Benja Harney’s 3D model of Sydney, Australia, which inspired the theme for the 2017 New Year’s Eve celebrations as well as the lighting effects, fireworks colors and projections that lit up the city.


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