Handmade Paper for Sale!

Handmade Paper for Sale!

Kivettyminen / Peppled (2015, 50 x 74 cm) pellavakuitu / flax © Raija Jokinen

The Sunday Paper #248
February 24, 2019

Paper of the Week: Online Paper Sale!

Twice a year, I clear out my flat files and you get a paper sale. Treat yourself to unique handmade papers that you won’t find anywhere else in the world! Everything is discounted – yippee! The sale ends next Sunday, but there are limited quantities for each package, so order now to get what you want!
Here’s a link to the sale page, and click on the image below to watch the video about the various papers.


In the Studio:
I’ll be launching my next online class in about a week and I’m busy creating all of the prototypes for the six book structures we’ll be creating from April 10th – May 15th. Here’s an example of a flexible book structure that can be displayed as a lantern, folding screen, wall or window hanging.


I discovered the work of Finnish artist Raija Jokinen thanks to a reader of The Sunday Paper. Her work is quite unique and I encourage you to tour her website. Jokinen developed her own technique based on painting, drawing, papermaking, embroidery and textiles, and she reflects on the spiritual and physical nature of man. Thanks to everyone who sends me ideas (and donations)! I truly adore sharing these goodies with you each and every week.

© Raija Jokinen, Kivettyminen / Peppled, (2015, 50 x 74 cm), pellavakuitu / flax

Another reader sent me this article featuring the collage work of Linda Klippenstein. The inspiration for this series, called Women Walking Strong, came from the women she works with who live difficult lives and are socially isolated. She’s planning a large community project, taking canvases to a variety of locations to include women who otherwise wouldn’t participate – women who are incarcerated, elderly women who are isolated, and students, which will be exhibited on International Women’s Day.

These molded 3D paper sculptures by Tiffany Miller Russell are really unique! Click through to watch a timelapse video of her creating one.

© Tiffany Miller Russell

Treewhispers is an ongoing project that began almost 20 years ago when Pamela Paulsrud shared her vision with friend and papermaker Marilyn Sward. It is about trees, the earth, people, and paper—the stories and their connections. Read this touching story about the beginnings of the project. Treewhispers is ongoing – follow along and contribute a tree round if you feel moved to do so!

Artwork by Debbie Wilson

This is a sad article about the fate of a newspaper. I enjoyed how one of the press men thinks of himself as an artist. The Tennessean pressroom has printed newspapers for 82 years and in March, the presses are stopping for good.


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