FREE Video Tutorial: Shadow Shoji Panel

FREE Video Tutorial: Shadow Shoji Panel

The Sunday Paper #208

May 13, 2018
Thanks to everyone who entered the April Twelve Months of Paper Giveaway for a copy of the 2018 Twelve Months of Paper Calendar + a custom paper pack! And the winner is… Antoinette Basso. Congratulations!

Paper of the Week: Japanese Linen + Shoji Paper

This is a new(ish) monthly feature on the blog: a video tutorial featuring a paper + a book + a project. This month’s video shows you how to make a Shadow Shoji Panel. This structure has so much potential: imagine the shapes, sizes and shadows you could create! If you create a shadow shoji panel, please send me a photo!

I mention a few resources in the tutorial:


In the Studio:

Here’s a sneak peak at the papers that I’m using to create twelve new projects for the 2019 Twelve Months of Paper Calendar. It was fun to pick out the papers, and I can’t wait to share the projects with you!

Papery Tidbits

  • Do you live in SoCal (or like to travel there) and enjoy working with paper? I’m teaching at Idyllwild Arts during the week of July 4th. Find out more about The Potential of Paper and Paper Sculpture.
  • I’m teaching my Paper Illuminated Online Class this summer! Click here to be notified when registration opens June 1st. Class begins in mid-July!
  • Have you checked out the free Facebook group, Club Paper? Join us!


I’m enjoying seeing the work of the members of Club Paper. Janet Hickey shared a few images, which led me to her website. She created this mixed media piece, Loretta – 202 Pairs of Shoes… None Needed In Heaven, as a tribute to her sister. Click through to read all about how and why she made it.

A student at Northwestern University is starting up an origami club, which is cool. But even cooler is the paper engineering he did to create the announcement about the club. The sheets were printed strategically so that you can read the message on the wings after the cranes are folded. I’d give him an A for ingenuity!

Aren’t these cards precious? Martha Starke collects flowers, herbs, ferns and leaves — mostly from her own garden, but also from the sides of roads and fields, and even when she’s on vacation. When the flowers are fully dried and flattened, she picks them apart and moves them around with her fingers or a pair of tweezers until she finds the perfect design. Still need a Mother’s Day card?

Find these cards, including this one called ‘Expectations,’ in Martha Starke’s Etsy shop.

Welcome to the world of paper… this is the inviting headline on the Center for Papirkunst in Denmark‘s home page. I look forward to visiting this place on my next visit to Europe.

Check out the paper goodies over at the Hand Papermaking online auction. You’ll find a fabulous selection of papers, fibers, books, studio experiences & more!


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