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The Sunday Paper #223

August 26, 2018

Paper of the Week: Paper Cutting: A Book Roundup

Here’s a round up of five books about paper cutting, a tradition that varies from country to country and a contemporary art and craft that seems to have no bounds!


In the Studio: 

Now that my online paper sale is over (thanks to everyone who made a purchase), I am turning my attention to my next product, the 3rd annual Twelve Months of Paper Calendar. It is currently being printed – yay! – and I’ve placed orders for the first batch of parts and pieces for the custom paper pack. The paper pack comes with everything you need to create the monthly projects in the calendar. There are some real treasures in this paper pack. Calendars and paper packs will be available in early October, so start making your papery holiday shopping list. This is a great gift for paper lovers, paper crafters, families and children!

Colored vellum, Italian crepe paper, mini envelopes, origami papers, Japanese linen, Thai unryu, Tyvek, momigami, map paper, quilling strips. and three unique artist-made papers.

Papery Tidbits


Speaking of paper cuts, have you seen the work of Mary Delaney, an artist who began her life’s work in paper cutting at the age of 72 (in the year 1771) which culminated in Flora Delanica, a collection of 985 paper mosaics of plant life so startling in their accuracy that botanists still consult them more than 200 years later.

I have fond memories of Cracker Jacks and Animal Crackers. I don’t know how this change came about, but it was all over my Facebook feed this week: No More Cages: Animal Cracker Packagin Sets the Mighty Beasts Free. Clever!

It isn’t often enough that we see handmade paper featured in the art world. Kazuo Kadonaga‘s work, was created between 1977 and 1999 in Japan. Paper 1-BF is a pile of more than 3,000 sheets of handmade paper. Stacked while still wet, one side of the pile was compressed so the papers formed a solid block. On the other, the sheets were peeled apart, creating a swelling mass with soft, feathery edges. We see, quite dramatically, how the same material behaves differently depending on how we intervene.

“Paper 1-BF,” 1983, and “Bamboo No. 1-B,” 1984, by Kazuo Kadonaga. (Takayoshi Nonaka-Hill)

Here’s a very different kind of cut paper. Patricia Cheyne shared these images over in Club Paper, showing off the vegetable papyrus she’s been making. I describe how to make this in my book Papermaking with Garden Plants & Common Weeds.

I am in awe of the Adams family, who started the organization Paper for Water about 6 years ago. They fold and sell origami to raise money to build wells, bringing water to the thirsty. You’ll  be reading more about them in the coming months – the eight-year old designed one of the projects in the upcoming Twelve Months of Paper Calendar!


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