Strange Papers

I had the pleasure of meeting Fred Siegenthaler at the International Association of Hand Papermakers and Paper Artist’s (IAPMA) meeting in Fabriano, Italy in early July. I’ve known about him since the beginning of my career, but our paths hadn’t crossed, but when I was doing research for my book, Papermaking With Plants, I discovered his book, Strange Papers. The New York Public Library owns

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Paper Connection International

Dear Readers,

First, a quick note to let you know that I’ll be traveling for the next month in Europe. My posts might be sporadic due to internet connection (or lack thereof). I’ll be teaching, lecturing and vacationing, and I’m sure I’ll have lots to share with you…. enjoy your summer!

Lauren Pearlman Sugita with her papers

Way back in

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On the Papermaking Farm

What a treat it has been to spend the past few days at Hook Pottery Paper in LaPorte, Indiana with my papermaking friend Andrea Peterson, her potter husband Jon Hook and their teenage sons Ry and Lu. They millk their goats and make goat cheese.

Ry and a goat.

and collect 2 dozen eggs a day from their chickens. They eat home grown

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Artist Profile: Jill Powers

I’ve known the artist Jill Powers and have admired her work for several years, but lucky for me, I moved to her state (Colorado) and she came for a studio visit (my first!) when she was in the Vail Valley over the holidays. We had a lovely couple of hours chatting about artwork, life, and Jill’s show which just opened in Longmont.


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Fond Memories

I spent the weekend with a group of papermakers including Paul Wong and Sue Gosin from Dieu DonnĂ© Papermill in NYC. What a treat! I learned a lot of what I know about handmade paper from Paul during the six years that I worked there. And Sue founded this unique studio in 1976, when hand papermaking was just becoming an art form. I’m so grateful

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