Weave Through Winter

Weave Through Winter

The Sunday Paper #237

December 9, 2018 (Happy Birthday to my dear hubby)!

Paper of the Week: Paper Weaving

I’m super excited to announce my new online class which will debut in the New Year. In the Weave Through Winter classroom, we’ll be creating a daily practice as we explore a variety of papers and weaving techniques. Commit to 30 minutes of creativity a day (more or less); challenge yourself to share what you create (there will be prizes!); stimulate your mind by finding, mixing and matching papers; and find satisfaction in the ordinary while creating something extraordinary. Class begins on January 16th, 2019 and you can watch a short video, read all about it, and register here. Feel free to share this info with your friends (you could take the class together)!
In the Studio:
I am approaching the end of a long journey! I have been making paper for my new artist’s book Prism for months (granted, it would be long finished if I made paper on a more regular basis). There are still many facets to figure out, but I’m excited to debut a copy at Codex. Vamp & Tramp will have it at their table (my last book, Tangential, happens to be featured on their website right now).

Papery Tidbits:


This is a clever idea (and I hope the artists are gaining something from it). The Arizona Daily Star is presenting 12 days or wrapping paper; each day’s paper is by a local artist. Each paper that has been published is downloadable as a PDF that you can print. I think I would just print it and gift it, rather than risk it being recycled with the rest of the gift wrap!

Here’s some fantastic paper illustration. Click through to watch the animation!

Here’s another use for that artist-designed wrapping paper! Two aspiring Irish designers (students at the Galway Technical Institute) put their skills to the test when they were tasked with creating a paper dress for the Galmont Hotel in the city.

I enjoyed a lecture on the history of Hallmark pop-ups at the Movable Book Society’s conference in Kansas City this fall (where the Hallmark headquarters are located – the visitor’s center is worth a trip!) Have you seen their new paper wonder cards?

Sadly, Robert Rainwater, a curator and art historian who oversaw an expansion of the New York Public Library’s holdings in modern and contemporary prints, artist-made books and printed ephemera from the 1970s onward, died on Nov. 13. Rainwater curated an important exhibition at the NYPL called On Paper: The History of an Art, in 1990, just before I discovered paper. It featured holdings from the Leonard B. Schlosser Collection on the History of Papermaking. I have visited the collection to do research (by appointment), and I encourage you to do this, too!


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