Arnold Grummer’s® Celebrates 40 Years

Arnold Grummer’s® Celebrates 40 Years

The Sunday Paper #85 + 25 Days of Paper 2015, Day 13

Arnold with Tim Barrett, Kathryn & Howard Clark in the 1980's

Arnold with Tim Barrett, Kathryn & Howard Clark meeting at the Institute of Paper Chemistry

Arnold Grummer’s® is a company which honors its’ founder by continuing to make excellent papermaking kits and supplies. Arnold lived and breathed papermaking, and he loved its’ blend of science, art, history and creativity. And he loved doing it frugally. He loved recycling and re-purposing the magic fibers which are all around us.

He made it look easy. But his position as editor of communications at the Institute of Paper Chemistry gave him a broad understanding of the science of paper. He gained a historical perspective when, for 6 years, he had sole responsibility for the Dard Hunter Paper Museum, housed at the Institute. He shared the art of papermaking with others. This favorite picture shows him with a very young Kathy and Howard Clark and Timothy Barrett at one of the first gatherings he arranged at the Institute for hand papermaking’s pioneers.

And the frugal part – he was a writer and performer who showed thousands of people how to make darn good paper – often from Sunday funnies with two tin cans.

Arnold Grummer's 88th Birthday Sheet - he liked to commemorate special events in paper, even his own!

Arnold Grummer’s 88th Birthday Sheet – he liked to commemorate special events in paper, even his own!

Forty years later, the family business celebrates his contribution, and moves on despite changes. Greg Grummer retired this year. Kim (Grummer) Schiedermayer moved the business back to Appleton, in the heart of Wisconsin’s Paper Valley. Mabel, 90, still works in the business every day. Her cards are sometimes included in customer packages, but mostly benefit the local hospice as sympathy notes.

The product line remains much the same. The main audience is educators, but Arnold Grummer’s® provides basic paper studio supplies: Arch Shred, unbleached abaca from the Philippines and the company’s signature birch book and paper presses are favorites. And Arnold loved a good book, so he would agree with our new simple book making sets for the classroom.

Old papermakers never die, they just press on.

To kick off the 40th year celebration, Arnold Grummer’s® will include one of Mabel’s handmade cards and a sheet of paper made by Arnold for Sunday Paper readers. Use promo code CARDME to receive an add’l 10% off both sale and regular priced items and these special gifts.


Tara Donovan uses common materials (sometimes paper) to create incredible massive sculptures. Her most recent is in the newly renovated Renwick Gallery of the Smithsonian Museum of Art in Washington, D.C. Here’s a lovely video and an interesting article about her work.


Check out this pop-up book that turns into a pinhole camera

pinhole camera book

American paper artist Jane Ingram Allen is in Turkey on a Fulbright as the guest of Ege University. Over the years she has created many maps from local plant fiber papers and in Turkey she has redrawn İzmir’s map with local plants as part of the 6th International EgeArt Art Day.



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