Are you a Wrapper?

Are you a Wrapper?

25 Days of Paper – Day 19

December 19, 2017
‘Tis the season of wrapping. Do you wrap?
I love beautiful packaging, and I remember spending hours in the Japanese department stores I visited in 1988, which is where I decided that paper was my thing. But I don’t wrap much. First of all, I don’t purchase many gifts; and second, wrapping seems like a bit of a waste.
Have you read the book How to Wrap 5 Eggs? It is filled with images of unusual wrappings and sentiments about the evolution of the Japanese culture and the time before mass production and materialism.

This article in The Atlantic tells the story about how wrapping paper became a popular item in the US. Here’s a hint. It has something to do with Hallmark.
There are some clever reusable wrapping traditions of old from Japan, called furoshiki.

and in Korea, bojagi.

If you do find yourself with an excess of wrapping paper this holiday season (or whenever), use this tutorial to create envelopes from the pretty papers!

What is your wrapping tradition? Leave a comment below!


We’re turning envelopes and a decorative paper into a Falling Leaves Folding Screen that converts into a lantern in the Twelve Months of Paper Online Class today. It’s not too late to join the class, which runs through December 23rd (another newbie just signed up yesterday). You’ll have access to the video tutorials throughout 2018, so you can make at your own pace! Find out more about the class and the Twelve Months of Paper Calendar.


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