An Age Old Craft

An Age Old Craft

25 Days of Paper – Day 9

December 9, 2017
Today I’d like to pay tribute to making paper by hand. It’s an age-old technique that has changed little since it was first invented around 105AD. Aside from being a substrate for all kinds documents to works of art, contemporary artists are using paper in all kinds of innovative ways. Here are a few examples, but there are endless possibilities and variations within each technique!
Pulp Painting


Sculpture & Watermarking

This is just the tip of the iceberg, folks! If you are interested in hand papermaking, you should look into the following organizations:
The Friends of Dard Hunter, a national papermaking organization.
IAPMA, an international papermaking organization.
Hand Papermaking Magazine, a non-profit that publishes a journal.
Paper Slurry, a blog dedicated to hand papermaking.
What organizations have I missed? Please leave a comment below!

And just in case you didn’t know, I’ve written two how-to books on the subject:The Papermaker’s Companion and Papermaking With Garden Plants & Common Weeds.

I’ve also created two DVDs which are available as downloads: Water Paper Time and The Papermaker’s Studio Guide DVD.


We’re making this Flower Luminaria in the Twelve Months of Paper Online Class today. This features a handmade watermarked paper by yours truly that I made and included in the Custom Paper Pack. It’s not too late to join the class, which runs through December 23rd. You’ll have access to the video tutorials throughout 2018, so you can make at your own pace! Find out more about the class and the Twelve Months of Paper Calendar.


About the 25 Days of Paper 2017: I’m delighted to share my ideas for using this amazing material with you. If you’d like more info about the Twelve Months of Paper Calendar or the online classclick here. Receive these blog updates via e-mail by adding your address in the upper right hand corner of this page. Enjoy the season!

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