A Sale Is Coming!

A Sale Is Coming!

Due to the generosity of The Celebration Foundation in Portland (for seed money) and Storey Books and Rockport Publishers (my publishers who helped pay the production costs) I have a surplus of the DVD I produced last fall, The Papermaker’s Studio Guide.
DVD Cover
In honor of downsizing (we’ve just purchased a condo and there is no storage space) I’m selling my excess inventory at a reduced rate so that I don’t have to store the boxes of DVDs in my studio!
Have you seen the trailer for the DVD?

Trailer for The Papermaker’s Studio Guide.
Here is a sneak peak at one of the how-to chapters:

Sneak Peak: Papermaker’s Studio Guide DVD Chapter 1: Getting Equipped from Ian Lucero on Vimeo.
The DVD closely follows the content in my book, The Papermaker’s Companion.
I would love to hear your comments/feedback/criticism about the trailer or the entire DVD. Post a comment below or an e-mail to helen@helenhiebertstudio.com. Thanks!
And please stay tuned for sale details later this week!

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