3: In the Beginning

3: In the Beginning

This is Day 98 of my 100 x 100 Paper Weavings Project. After 98 days, the challenge of naming these posts has gotten to me!

© Helen Hiebert, 100 x 100 Paper Weavings, #97, 10" x 8", $100
© Helen Hiebert, 100 x 100 Paper Weavings, #97, 10″ x 8″, $100

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I made this weaving to marry these two papers. The pattern on the brown one is a van dyke print I made on handmade abaca. I laid a long strand of crocheted yarn on top of the paper to expose it. I felt that the Japanese lace paper’s texture matched the pattern really well. I should have taken a before picture so that you could fully appreciate the paper combination. Oh well!


About 100 x 100 Paper Weavings: On September 23, 2013, I started making 100 daily paper weavings. I’ll finish on New Year’s Eve!

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