Two Rivers Paper

The Sunday Paper #176, September 24, 2017 Paper of the Week: Two Rivers Paper

© 2012, Callum Innes, Pastel on Two Rivers paper, 52 x 42 cm

The work of Callum Innes caught my eye in this article, but then I wasn’t able to view the images again (hopefully you can with your first […]

Handmade Paper Rocks!

The Sunday Paper #175, September 16, 2017 Paper of the Week: Handmade Paper

Let’s celebrate handmade paper today! We just wrapped up the second session of the Red Cliff Paper Retreat (I’ll share photos soon) and lots of paper was made by makers with all levels of experience. Making a sheet of paper is […]

Southwestern Paper

The Sunday Paper #174, September 10, 2017 Paper of the Week: Woven Reversible Unryu

People often tell me they have drawers full of paper and they won’t allow themselves to purchase one more sheet until their stash dwindles. But then I hear them saying they can’t bring themselves to use a beautiful sheet […]

Paper Money

The Sunday Paper #173, September 3, 2017 Paper of the Week: Bank Note Paper

I’m thinking of starting a new column called Paper Money. I used to be so scared of money – in particular how to make a living at this paper gig (which includes many facets such as earnings, strategies, sales, marketing, […]

Origami Tea House

The Sunday Paper #172, August 27, 2017 Paper of the Week: Thoreau’s Paper-covered Journals

Abelardo Morell’s “Thoreau: 40 Journals in Chronological Order.” Credit Edwynn Houk Gallery

Do you keep a journal? Usually the contents are the main event (as they certainly are in these as well) but this is a photograph depicts the paper […]

Fat Magic

The Sunday Paper #171, August 20, 2017 Paper of the Week: Thermochromic Stamp Paper

Are you ready for the solar eclipse tomorrow? Have you seen the stamps? I purchased a sheet and the paper is treated to be heat activated (remember mood rings)? Truth be told, my thumb must not be hot enough, […]

Inflatable Paper

The Sunday Paper #170, August 13, 2017 Paper of the Week: Tracing Paper

Paper Lanterns Inflatable from Helen Hiebert on Vimeo.

I created the Text Ball almost 10 years ago and it’s still going strong (even after traveling around the world). And believe it or not, it’s made of plain old tracing paper. […]

Reminiscence Papers

The Sunday Paper #169, August 5, 2017 Paper of the Week: Reminiscence Papers

When I was in Oregon in June, I reconnected with Debra Glanz at the Focus on Book Arts trade fair, where we were both vendors. Debra designs and produces a lovely line of printed papers for book arts and scrapbooking. She’s […]

Paper Lanterns

The Sunday Paper #168, July 30, 2017 Paper of the Week: Japanese Linen Paper

I recently discovered this Japanese Linen Paper (available from Washi Arts). It is a beautiful quality textured card stock that comes in two weights and a variety of colors. It’s the perfect choice for this Shadow Lantern project that […]

Origami Coloring Paper

The Sunday Paper #167, July 23, 2017 Paper of the Week: Origami Coloring Paper

I found these four designs in a standard origami pack when I was visiting Japantown in San Francisco earlier this year. If you ever get there, you must go to Paper Tree (click through, they feature a how-to origami […]