Vellum Paper Ring Tutorial

The Sunday Paper #191

January 14, 2018

Thanks to everyone who entered the January 12 Months of Paper Giveaway for a a chance to win a selection of adhesives from Washi Arts! Congratulations to Tricia Snell for winning the Japanese Adhesive Assortment. Have fun getting sticky!

Paper of the Week: Vellum Ring

This is a new monthly feature on the blog: a paper tutorial featuring a paper and a project. If you are reading this via e-mail, click here to watch my Vellum Paper Ring Tutorial (and to read the rest of this post).

I love designing with paper and made a model of this basic origami fold on a circle years ago. It got tucked away in a drawer until I was dreaming up projects for my book Playing With Paper. Is this how you work? Inspiration comes in the moment – needing to come up with 18 projects for a book – combined with the tangibles – hmm, that model could be folded in the round, and I think I can attach it to that cool ring blank I just saw in the craft store with a magnet!


In the Studio: Bear with me for a couple more weeks as enrollment continues for Paper Weaving, my new online class.  Have you watched the video about it (today’s blog post all about videos)?! Click here to watch it, learn more about the class, and register. There’s a bonus if you order the paper pack by January 20th (a free Twelve Months of Paper Calendar).

Papery Tidbits:

  • Registration for the annual Red Cliff Paper Retreat is now open. This is the only event I hold in my Colorado studio. Join us Sept 7-9 and/or Sept 11-13.
  • I was featured in the winter issue of Vail Beaver Creek Magazine: check out the story here! My mother-in-law didn’t recognize me in the photo!
  • Copies of the Twelve Months of Paper Calendar are still available, and the custom paper packs are back in stock.


A book and paper heroine and “a true Vermont treasure”, Claire Van Vliet is showing pulp paintings from the series “Sky and Earth” at the Vermont Supreme Court Gallery. Claire is founder of the esteemed Janus Press in Newark, Vermont. The exhibition is up through March 30th if you find yourself in Vermont.

This piece by Joyce Chan caught my eye, and the five questions the writer asked her for this article were an interesting read.

Congratulations to Erica Spizter Rasmussen, winner of the 2018 Minnesota Book Artist Award. Inspiration for her book The Love Affair came when she inherited two handmade wooden boxes filled with love-letters exchanged between her maternal grandparents in the 1930s. Her intent was to retain the couple’s privacy by cutting the pages small enough so that significant content couldn’t be read by others. The book was placed in one of the wooden boxes crafted by her grandfather in the twisted form of an infinity symbol, to suggest that the couple might continue their communion from life into death. The book is on view January 30 – March 13 at the Minnesota Center for Book Arts.

What can you make with a chopstick sleeve? 8000 paper sculptures! This project began when Yuki Tatsumi, a waiter, noticed that customers often left intricately folded chopstick sleeves. He decided that these were tips (it isn’t customary to leave monetary tips in Japan) and began collecting them from restaurants across the country.

Here’s a great article about the Handmade Paper Institute in India, which was founded in 1940 with the blessing of Mahatma Ghandi.


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