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The Sunday Paper #99

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Paper of the Week: Goyal Bird Paper

Bird Lamp blog

When I was in Iowa City a couple of weeks ago, I stumbled across an adorable stationery store called R.S.V.P. The storefront window was adorned with a paper cut illustration, and the shop was filled with cool stationery items, including a rack full of paper, many of which I’d never seen! I purchased three sheets of screen printed Indian handmade papers, including this one with the birds on it. These papers are imported from Goyal Crafts, and it was easy to turn the larger sheet into this lovely panel lampshade. Instructions for this project appear in my book Paper Illuminated (which, sadly, is out of print, but perhaps you own a copy or it can be found in many libraries).


In the Studio:

I just picked up my retrospective catalog from the printer on Friday. I’m still making the paper covers (40 down, 210 to go) and then there’s the binding! I’m using a really cool double pamphlet stitch that yields the tab you see below in the center spread so that I can tip in a string drawing.

Read all about the catalog and pre-order your copy. They will start shipping next week! Here’s a picture of the center spread of the deluxe edition, which features an original string drawing. 

Center Spread

catalog pdf spread————————————————————————————————————–––––––––

Did you see the CBS coverage of Mindell Dubansky’s recent Blook exhibition at The Grolier Club in NYC? It is so sweet to watch how passionate she is, getting teary eyed talking about books. She’s produced a great catalog of her Blook collection and its available here. 

I stumbled across Robbin Ami Silverberg‘s website this week (I’ve looked at it many times before, but this time these spools caught my eye). For this series “Proverbial Threads,” she chose to focus on text, working with proverbs from cultures around the world that focus on woman’s work. Proverbial Threads is an open series (over 100) of industrial bobbins, each wrapped with paper threads that have a repeated proverb printed on them about women’s work. For example: “The only skill that women have is turning the spinning wheel.” (Hebrew)


Check out these lovely paper lamps by Gigi Sarsfield, papermaker and owner of Handmade Papers Gallery in Brooklin, Maine. She believes that lampshades can enhance a room’s atmosphere, and I agree!


Have you tried FreshPaper? Kavita Shukla came up with the idea that she patented at 17. She used an old family spiced tea recipe to develop these sheets that extend the shelf life of produce in the fridge. What a great way to prevent food spoilage and waste, and they’re compostable too.

FreshPaper with berries (Steven Olimpio) The Washington Post

FreshPaper with berries (Steven Olimpio) The Washington Post

Do you ever have a hard time deciding which toilet paper to purchase? I sure do. Here’s an entertaining article about calculating and comparing those rolls we find stacked in the grocery store. 


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