Eden Marek

Eden Marek_Photo

Panorama III; Abaca, Cotton, Wood Stirrers and String; 1'x5'x5"

© Eden Marek, Panorama III; Abaca, Cotton, Wood Stirrers and String; 1’x5’x5″

Eden Marek is a unicycle-riding, soccer ball-wielding artist from Ames, Iowa. She has a B.A. in Studio Art from Grinnell College, where she graduated in 2015. Eden works in sculpture, hand papermaking, and sound art, preferring to combine all three when possible. A recipient of the Faulconer Gallery Post-Baccalaureate Fellowship, she remained at Grinnell College for a year to assist with the Artists@Grinnell Residency Program, help coach the Grinnell Women’s Soccer Team, and collaborate with sound artist and composer Abby Aresty. In search of adventure, art, and social justice, Eden is joining AmeriCorps and moving to Portland, Oregon this month (August 2016). 

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