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The Sunday Paper #163, June 18, 2017

Happy Fathers Day!!

Paper of the Week: Duplex Paper


If you look closely, you can see the edges of the papers above are white. That indicates that the other side of each sheet is also white. I’m making these double-sided (duplex) papers for my next artist’s book, Tangential. I am working my way through the range of chromatic colors, and I’ll end up with ten assorted papers in a few weeks! You’ll have to wait to see the significance of the double-sided papers in the book – there is a reason!


In the Studio:

For me, designing a book is the fun part: copy writing, layout, graphic design, paper selection/making, printing, binding, and more! And then it is finally time to create the actual book. I’m still in the design phase (yay!) and had fun this week exploring the potential of magnetic paint. Here’s a little video showing my experiment.

Papery Tidbits:

  • Please contact me if you’re interested in promoting your business by sponsoring a month in the 2018 Twelve Months of Paper Calendar.
  • Tomorrow we take off on a road trip to Portland. I’m teaching at the Focus on Book Arts Conference next weekend and will have papers & books at the trade fair on Friday & Saturday. Stop by!


Just the other day, I noticed a pop-up book in the little free library box in our neighborhood! That’s quite the antithesis of collector Ellen K. Rubin (aka the Popuplady’s) experience. Rubin never saw a pop-up book as she was growing up. When she bought two for her young sons in the 1980s, she was amazed, and her collection now boasts 9,000 pop-ups!

A close-up of a pop-up book paper cheetah. PIXABAY

A close-up of a pop-up book paper cheetah. PIXABAY

Whoa, that’s a LOT of books! The Parthenon of Books by artist Marta Minujín is a decisive symbol of resistance to any banning of writings and the persecution of their authors. As many as 100,000 formerly or currently banned books from all over the world were used to create the work, which is now on view at Dokumenta in Kassel, Germany.

Marta Munujin, The Parthenon of Books, 2017, steel books and plastic sheeting, Friederichsplatz, Kassel, dokumenta 14, photo: Roman März

Marta Munujin, The Parthenon of Books, 2017, steel books and plastic sheeting, Friederichsplatz, Kassel, dokumenta 14, photo: Roman März

Check out this amazing paper cut performance piece by Erik Ruin. Long/Gone premiered on Friday at the Rotunda in Philadelphia with the Ominous Cloud Ensemble. The West Philly-based artist brings his images to life as a succession of images beam out from an overhead projector.



I’ve enjoyed listening to the podcast series Make/Time. Here’s a great episode in which moderator Stuart Kestenbaum speaks with David Keefe, a printmaker, visual artist, executive director of Combat Paper NJ and a former United States Marine who served in Iraq and is Senior Assistant Dean of Student Veterans’ Initiatives in the General Studies Program at Columbia University.

Make Time

This is an interesting article about how researchers at Missouri University of Science and Technology are exploring the potential of origami to control the amount of incoming light in a room and studying how the resulting light patterns could affect homeowners.


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