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Papermaking Workshops

Below are examples of some of the papermaking and lampmaking workshops I offer internationally. Please contact me if you are interested in inviting me to teach at your institution, library or arts center. I am happy to develop a custom program for you.


Abaca: The Incredible Shrinking Translucent Material: 2-day workshop

In this workshop, we will explore how to embed string, wire and other stiff yet flexible materials between sheets of handmade abaca paper. When dry, the sheets can be manipulated into forms ranging from lamps and lanterns to sculptural objects. We will experiment with glue, thread, wire and other fasteners to create unique dimensional pieces.


Papermaking Menagerie: 2 or 3-day workshop

In this workshop, participants will learn basic sheet-forming using Western techniques, along with various ways to press and dry papers. We’ll also explore methods for making art during the papermaking process by collaging, embedding, pulp painting, adding inclusions and watermarking.

 paper-in-3d Paper in Three Dimensions: 3, 4, or 5-day workshop

In this class, we will investigate papermaking, paper folding, model making and other techniques to create a sampling of small sculptural forms that expand and collapse, open and close, fold and unfold. These techniques will be utilized to make inflatable paper balls, book structures, lamps, lanterns and other sculptural adaptations. Papermaking techniques will include using overbeaten and translucent pulps and embedding wire, string or reed to give the paper a structural form for “building”.

 papermaking-plants Papermaking with Plants: 2 or 3 day workshop

In this workshop, we’ll process plant materials such as kozo, wheat straw, corn husks, onion skins, cooking and beating the plant fibers and preparing an assortment of paper pulps. We’ll use eastern and western sheetforming techniques; we’ll explore papermaking techniques such as making shaped papers and embedding items between sheets; and we’ll explore ways to dry paper, including restraint and air drying methods.

 watermarking Introduction to Watermarking: 1 or 2-day workshop

We will create a variety of unique watermarks using wire, tape, Sure Stamp and puffy paint. These watermarks will be attached to papermaking moulds and used to make a selection of papers containing images that appear when held up to the light. We will experiment with a variety of pulps which are suitable for watermarking, and we’ll also explore layering sheets of paper to make watermarked images visible without backlighting.


Lamp and Book Workshops

Envelope Lanterns & Books – Half-Day Workshop

Learn how to turn envelopes into unique lantern or book structures! This project features paper cutting, a piano hinge and a unique way to show off decorative papers. We’ll cut designs and patterns into envelopes and slip decorative papers inside. Then we’ll seal, hinge and fold them in a variety of ways.

Flexible Book Structures – 1-day workshop

In this workshop we’ll create two panel structures with unique hinges which can be utilized to make books, lanterns, wall or window hangings. We’ll start by creating a shadow lantern, composed of lightweight wooden panels, featuring cut-outs that cast shadows onto a second layer of paper. We’ll make another structure featuring paper cuts, which incorporates envelopes, a piano hinge and a unique way to show off decorative papers.

Paper Balloons, Tubes & Vessels – 2-day workshop

In this workshop, participants will create a sampling of small sculptural forms that expand and collapse, open and close, fold and unfold. We’ll begin with traditional Japanese collapsible lantern structures and learn how to create patterns for unique shapes and sizes. We’ll also explore the techniques for creating paper hot air balloon structures and ball forms. The methods we use can be utilized to create sculptures in the form of vessels, clothing, lanterns and more.

Chochin – Collapsible Japanese Lanterns — 1-day workshop

Learn how to make a foam core armature, wind reed around it and then apply a paper covering to create a beautiful collapsible paper lantern. After applying the paper, we’ll remove the armature (which can be reused to make more lanterns!), and end up with a collapsible structure. A variety of lantern shapes will be explored, and variations on the process will be introduced. Each participant will make at least one shade.

Lamps & Lanterns – 2-day workshop

In this workshop, we’ll explore structures that can be hung, sit on a tabletop or set atop a lamp that needs a new shade. Learn how to weave paper and turn it into a votive cover, take a top and bottom ring and create a traditional cylindrical or cone-shaped lampshade, insert dowels or wire into paper slits to create paper shades or window hangings, and investigate alternatives to techniques used in making Japanese collapsible lanterns.


Teaching Experience:

Austing Peay State University

Columbia College, Chicago

Dieu Donné Papermill

Durango Arts Center

Haystack Mountain School

Maryland Institute College of Art

Massachussetts College of Liberal Arts

Minnesota Center for Book Arts

The Museum School

Nashville Public Library

Oregon College of Art & Craft

Paper & Book Intensive

Papierwespe: Vienna, Austria

Penland School

Pacific University

Reed College

Santa Fe Book Arts Guild

Southwest School of Art

University of Illinois, Springfield

University of Missouri